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Le Roy Central School District Reviews

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A friendly and safe school for students of any education level. Teachers are always committed to helping students achieve their full potential. Small classes allow for a close connection between students and teachers. Many opportunities for Clubs/ Sports/ and other extra curriculars. GREAT for music. Not much diversity- about 99.9% of the students are white
Both the elementary and Jr./Sr. high schools have teachers that are caring and go above and beyond to make each student feel safe and welcome. If a student is struggling, they will do all they can to help them get back on track. I would recommend anyone to attend this school.
My experience at LeRoy was a good one. The teachers are great and get involved in the students. Things that could be approved upon is fairness in discipline for all students.
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New principal is getting the students more involved!! Has instituted many new AP classes which benefit the students' education greatly. Simply wants the best for his students. Some teachers don't care as much as they should and don't teach in the most beneficial way.
I have lived in and gone to this school district my entire life and I would recommend this school to anybody who likes the small town feel. I love that I know basically everybody in the school and it is easy to receive the one on one help with a teacher as class sizes are small. I loved my experience with the LeRoy school district.
LeRoy school have a real family feel to them. All of the teachers are very focused on teaching and helping students to prepare them for college. There is a wide verity of courses to take and they also offer many extracurricular activities. There is a calm learning environment for all students.
LeRoy High School is very well oriented. You can meet a lot of nice people who care about the same aspects as you do. All the teachers want you to be successful and grow as an adult. As I say " It is a step toward a new beginning."😎
Le Roy Jr./Sr. High School gives you an experience like no other high school. Between all the extra curricular activities, clubs and sports, to the amount of AP classes available, you can be a well rounded student. You also get to experience the amount of student support for the teams. The music and art department are phenomenal and you will always be accepted onto a team even if you've never played before. The teachers are willing to help you anytime you need it and will stay extra after school to help their students. The only part of the school is the school that needs help is the school lunches. Overall, the Le Roy school district is very good and has a positive atmosphere.
It is a smaller school with teachers that will do anything to help a student succeed. You can get a well rounded education through the many departments. Our school musical production is incredible. The art department helps students become amazing artists. The sports teams accept anyone and they make you feel like family.
Le Roy Jr/Sr High is probably one of the better schools in Western New York. Though it has its problems like any other school, I feel as though I'm getting a worthy education.
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