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Le Mars Community School District Reviews

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I loved the teachers but some of the academics were not up to college standards. Though I felt ready for college in some of my classes I did not feel prepared in all of my classes. I hope the school continues to improved over time.
I like that it is a small school, where you can really have the opportunity to make a connection with those around you. If I could change one thing about Le Mars Community School District, it would be the way that they involve parents. As a small school district, everybody seems to know everyone, and because of that many people who move into the district don't feel as welcome.
One of the best school districts in Iowa. A great system is in place that encourages and helps students achieve their highest ability. This school district also prepares the students for success in college and in the professional world. Another benefit of this school is the safety. There is a very low crime rate in the city of LeMars.
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I graduated from LeMars in 2015, I was involved in many different classes, clubs and sports. I felt like I had a great high school career and they prepared me for college and my future.
The music program at Le Mars Community is by far a top notch program, especially in the area of choir. There is way too much favoritism in the sports, just like most smaller schools. Academically, guidance councelors should be more involved with the students early on rather than nearing the end of high school.
Terrible food. Allows bullies to bully. Always smells bad. This school has a terrible environment filled with obnoxious classmates who want to anger you. If you find friends here, they'll disappear in a week because they went to a juvenile detention facility. The lunchladies fight about how to properly cut the oranges.
Le Mars Community is a great school to go to because all the teachers strive to make sure that you do well and pass the classes that you take. They have a wide variety of classes that are available to take all through out your high school year.
Most of the teachers are great. The music and drama program is done very well. Too much importance placed on a mediocre sports program.
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