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Le Grand Union High School District Reviews

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Le Grand has some amazing programs such as the Medical Academy. The Medical Acdemy is a 4 year program. This particular program prepares students for college. It allows students to explore the medical field. In addition, this program has many benefits do to the fact that it prepares a group of students to become future doctor. In fact, as a Medical Academy student I am know certified to preform CPR and the program allowed me to take CNA college class which I have graduated from. In conclusion, the program helps students explore different medical fields so the student can become the future doctor. The Medical Academy wants to the students to come back after high school and give back to the community.
All the teachers are willing to help you and all the people who work there. Its education is very good they try to keep all the student on track of learning and help them. It prepares student for college.
In Le Grand High school they help you thought a lot they help me start my my career and my knowledge. Le Grand is one of the most amazing school I have ever went to.
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I would really like to see more clubs and activities for the students to get involved in and participate with. It would also be amazing if there was more of a variety of sports, like swimming or tennis for example.
Throughout my years at Le Grand it's honestly took such a dramatic course change from how it used to be when I look at yearbooks from before even I began my turn here. It's a pretty spectacular place there's something for everyone if you actually go out of your way to find it.
My experience at Le Grand High School was pretty good. I really connected with the student body, and I was highly involved with many activities, clubs, and sports. Some of the staff were pretty amazing and others, not so much. The school could definitely use some improvements such as, more clubs and classes. The school didn't offer many electives for the students and if they do they're mostly agricultural based electives such as; mechanics, wood shop, etc. The high school recently got a new stadium and new gym floors which made a huge difference in the school. The campus looks more put together and up to date.
It's a small school but it's constantly trying to improve newer ways to learning. This 4 years I've been learning a lot and the teachers are always trying to help you.
Le Grand High School has a safe learning environment for all students, along with a comfortable atmosphere where students can easily interact with each other. The teachers are very friendly and easy to get along with. There is a wide variety of courses offered here like art, drama, and many others.
Overall, Le Grand is a small school, so it doesn't have much money. Since the school doesn't have that much money there is very little class diversity which gives the students very little in way of what they want to learn when it comes to electives. But our school does have a slight technological advantage since each student is given an iPad. The scholl is probably average when it comes to the curriculum, but I don't feel like it's good enough. It feels like the work structured around getting kids to graduate, not to succeed or go to college.
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