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Lazbuddie Independent School District Reviews

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I have attended Lazbuddie high school since pre-school. We are a very small school ranging from pre-K to 12th grade. My class as of right now is 7 students. This has helped me get closer to these people. Being smaller in size has also helped me to have more one on one time with my teachers. It has helped my education tremendously. Also being from a smaller school I am able to participate in many activities from sports, ffa, robotics, and so much more!
My experience at Lazbuddie was an amazing because you become more involved in things. One thing I really liked was you feel like a family. I would like to see change is I would like the school to have more activities that the students can do that will raise money for the school or that they would enjoy to be able to create more memories.
Its a OK school, I would say that the sports would be the best in the school we have some good coaches .The thing I would change would be the food.Its ok but I would like for them to make it better that is some of the things I would change.
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Lazbuddie is a small school with not so many people. The school is pretty small with some technology in certain places. I would like to see Lazbuddie grow and see more people attend.
I love the small size of Lazbuddie ISD. It allows for more one on one time with teachers and flexibility for extracurricular activities. There are also many opportunities to do what you like, especially since tryouts aren't a thing here. I will say that the school isn’t as good as it used to be. Too many teachers leave and we’re left with only a little amount. This has forced the school to actually resort to taking online classes when they don’t even suit the learning styles of the students. Resources here aren’t very well and overall there’s no school cheer. I’d like for the students to get more involved in how the school works, but it’s difficult when we feel as though everyday we’re forced to come to a place where we do nothing productive.
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