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I like a few teachers at MacArthur High school. They go above and beyond the call of duty and make the experience that much more enjoyable. What I would change? I would change is the way they use the school allocated funds. Just this year they remodeled parts of the school that did not need it but they failed to get any textbooks that were not from the 1990's. There are still several parts of this school that is riddled with mold that could be potentially harmful to students and faculty, yet they decided to put in unnecessary decorations. They have equipment that is well over forty years old in the Art Department and fell short in acquiring anything new in that nature. There are leaky rooves that leak air conditioning unit condensation into the food of students in the cafeteria. There is so much wrong with this one school and I can only imagine about the others, but there is not ever going to be enough time to list all the aliments that Lawton Public Schools have.
I liked the sports atmosphere it had. I feel they need to improve their ways of teaching and school safety. A lot of things can be prevented and students can really be prepared for college if they choose to further their eduation.
I wish there were more college classes offered for students in highschool,so they are prepared for college. I wish there was more money to go towards books, music, after-school programs and bathrooms.
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Love the staff, and wish staff were treated more fairly ehivh may initiate better learning. Very very unhappy with the quality of meals prepared. The amount of time given for lunch is not enough time to have good delivered if even allowed.
Lawton Public Schools prepares their students for their future, while helping each individual reach their personal goals. The teachers and staff are fighting everyday for each and every one of the students in Lawton Public Schools, making sure they get the education they deserve. While the teachers and staff are excellent our textbooks are outdated and lack information our schools also struggle with academic funding.
What I like about Lawton Public schools are the teacher's dedication to the students, despite Oklahoma paying their teachers relatively low incomes.
My experience with LPS was a decent experience. I would say I enjoyed school because we were a academic and sports focused school. I excelled in both of these categories so for me it was a pleasant four years. I'm not sure for those who were considered alternative or different from the norm were feeling towards the school system. I do wish that the district would be focused a little more on the outsiders.
Lawton Public Schools are very dedicated to their students and put emphasis on their education and safety.
Lawton Public Schools always choose options that will make every student's future brighter. LPS helps make America better.
Teacher to student interaction is great but the schools need to be remodeled and resourced better. The teachers are lacking appropriate resources.
My experience with Lawton Public Schools was what I describe as fair. The lack of funds really took a toll on my learning experience. Teachers often had an out cry over the financial struggles, books were fragile, and supplies were scarce. Although such adversities were faced, Lawton Public Schools always made the best of it.
I'm currently a senior at Lawton High and I honestly think Lawton Public schools should fund the school more. We have beat up desks, not enough texts books in class plus their outdated. The text books have torn page so and no covers. The teachers don't help students and barley know what their teaching.
Lawton public schools is sports heavy and me being a student athlete I enjoyed my time. The only thing I would change is the bias. If one student is related to another, no matter the actions of one, the other shouldn't be looked at as the same.
Lawton Public Schools is and amazing school district. It provides students with quality education and, gives students the best chance to have a future. The only thing I would like to see changed is a greater diversity of students and a safer atmosphere.
lawton High School enabled me to become college ready and interact with other military students such as myself. I was easily able to keep up with my class work and be a part of the baseball team.
I love Lawton Public schools, they're very informative and keeps everyone updated about upcoming events!
Lawton Public Schools really needs to upgrade the old mentality. Adminstration needs to stel it up with the bullying that goes in the school on a daily basis. Parents have been let down considerably by this district. Sadly the ultimate faliure has been to the students. Let go of the good ole boys club
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Decent school district, better quality teachers needed! My younger brother attends the local elementary school.
I like the diversity of Lawton Public Schools and I've enjoyed my time as a student in this district. I would like to see the facilities updated because they are getting old and are in need of a change.
I went through the LPS system and I think it was a great system. I was not very aware of the many opportunities but that's because I didn't apply myself all the time. The teachers in the school system are great and the academic programs are equally as great. Each year one of the schools in the district makes it to football state championship. From pre k til senior year I would have no doubt about putting my children in school here.
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