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Lawton-Bronson Community School District Reviews

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Lawton-Bronson offers a small school feel but also allows for college courses to be taken in advance of graduation. It has helped me so much to be able to focus on my career path. Our school is just the right size!
I really liked the teachers because they where always early to school so if I ever had a question I could come in early and get help. If you needed help with math most of the teachers had enough knowledge to do algebra. All of the staff treated the students great and helped out with little issues as well as big issues. All in all Lawton-Bronson High School staff are amazing!
I would like to see some of the rules change. I think that the teachers (some) have little to no control over their classroom
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They need to expand on some aspects, or they will see the number of student continue to dissipate. For example he class of 2018 graduated 38, while they had as many as 60+ in the 6th grade. Tremendous elementary teachers across the board, junior high is right alongside the elementary, but the high school could use some improvement. The limited number of class really restricts the students, especially once they arrive at college and realize they are behind in some areas. Otherwise the rest of the core class in the high school are amazing and prepare you well for your post high school education. The atmosphere of a small school and the two great communities and neighboring areas make for one great school district. I am and always will be an Eagle through and through.
I have attended Lawton Bronson high school since I was in sixth grade which was down in the elementary building. The month I switched to Lawton I told my parents that for my birthday I wanted to switch to Lawton Bronson as my present. Since that year I have loved this school, there is multiple groups that anyone could join. Looking back on the memories I have had throughout my High School education at Lawton Bronson, everything just flows back into my memory and happy for all of my friends I have made whether that be the strudents or the teachers.
Lawton-Bronson is a great school. If you like a small school but want high education, this is a great school to come too.
This school is great for academics; however, this is not the school for students who enjoy the arts. This school is safe; I never worry about violence, bullying, or being hurt in any way at school. On the other hand, the school does not provide many opportunities for students outside of its funding or sponsored areas.
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