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Lawson R-XIV School District Reviews

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Lawson is what I believe to be, a great school district. Located in a small town, the community loves to stay involved and so do the students. I've loved my experience here and couldn't recommend it more.
Overall, Lawson has good schools. The academics are above average and most of the teachers are great. There is little to no diversity and the sports teams are decent.
I have really enjoyed going to Lawson High School and I think that it is a amazing place to learn and join activities. This school has amazing teachers and offers many classes to help you in your future such as finance classes. I strongly recommend this school to any family that is trying to find a place to live with an amazing school district.
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It is a very tight nit community where people look out for one another, the community is very supportive of the school and support activities of the students very well. There is always a helping hand and someone that is there to help you no matter what the circumstance is. The community is always there to give a helping hand and want you to succeed.
As a student of Lawson High School for eleven years now, I have noticed the good. I think that Lawson’s staff is pretty great. Many of my peers have a great relationship with nearly each and every person who is a part of our staff at LHS. Having a good relationship with a teacher is very important, you should always have someone around that you can trust. Also we have great coaches for our sports teams. Our coaches are always pushing us to be the best we can be not only on the field or court but also in the classroom. I wouldn’t ask for it any other way!
The faculty really wanted everyone to succeed and do their best at everything. Teachers were super willing to meet before and after school with students to go over materials and held test review sessions. The principles knew the students by name and greeted them in the hallways.
Teachers not very willing to help with work, have to ask many times to get a response. Grading is very messed up in each class. Not all classes grade the same which causes confusion and frustration
As an involved senior at Lawson R-XIV High School, I witness many different types of students. Going into high school, my one goal I set for myself was to try and be friends with everyone. Easy to do when you only have a high school of 400. That would get me well known with people I would not have seen on a general day to day basis. The one main reason I did that was because I've heard stories upon stories of how alumni went through high school only knowing the people they had been friends with their whole lives; they didn't give many people a chance. An onset of that is because faculty does not encourage students to go out of their way to try and step out of their comfort zones. One thing that has evolved at LHS is the fact that schooling is more important than sports are, even though those are still strongly encouraged. Faculty are also trying to persuade students who have no interest at going to college, but love to work, to go to trade school.
I LOVE the Lawson school district! This community is so close and involved and I couldn't imagine growing up in a better place!
Small town school with people who care. Could use more technology classes but it simply lacks the students to justify them.
Lawson is an awesome community to go to school in. I was apart of Lawson School District for all of my schooling. The community is tight-knit. Teachers and faculty and staff get to know your name and want to see you succeed. The community rallies together when someone is in need. When teams advance, the whole town gets together for them and sends them out in parade fashion. There is plenty of clubs and ability to get involved in whatever you're interested in. Teachers are there to help you prepare for your next step and always help you. If they don't know the answer they'll find someone who does and get it to you.
A small town school, very focused on sports, very little support for the fine arts programs and activities; but has some great teachers.
I've had a great time at LHS! It's a small town so you're life is always known about and things travel fast. But the bright side to that is everyone knows everyone! I know almost everyone in the school and can talk to any of the teachers and administrators. Everyone rallies together whether it be football or a choir concert and that's the one thing I love most!

Somethings that could be changed is our diversity. We have a few new students during the year but I think we could do a lot more growing!
administration are all buddies from south harrison who really only care about themselves. the vice principal is the worst of them, he is extremely hard with punishment and will scream and yell in front of the whole school if you mess up. if your parents work for the school (which an extremely large amount do) then none of the rules apply to you. the teachers who dont have kids at the school are amazing. the statistics about high academics and high graduation rate are not accurate, which is strange because you can get an amazing gpa with hardly any work. school lunch is bad but i think that can be said for a lot of places. theres a few good clubs like younglife. sports have good turnouts by the kids and crowds, but the coaches never seem to play the most talented kids probably because of politics.
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