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Lawrence Union Free School District Reviews

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One thing I appreciated about the Lawrence was the diversity in the students. Lawrence is a community that will make you feel welcomed regardless of your race or ethnicity or nationality. Another thing that I liked were the bonds created between students and their teachers. Something I would change about the school/district would be to is to give students more options as to where to go when they have a free period.
The students and staff attending are so nice and are very helpful. It is so full of diversity and you learn about new cultures everyday.
I believe that Lawrence Union Free School District is a decent school district. The people that grow up along with you in these schools come from very different backgrounds and there is a lot of culture that mixes in with every student. The administration can be helpful most of the time and the teachers tend to help students with not only academics but also social skills that can help you as an adult. I am very glad to have been in the school system.
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Lawrence is a great school district if you are in advanced classes. The teachers will push you to the limit and make you a great student and college ready. On the other hand there is little administrative structure and the average kids aren’t pushed hard enough.
My experience at Lawrence High School was very memorable and worthwhile. The school definitely prepared me for the real world. I would not change my last four years at all
I like the teachers. I would like to see more diversity in the students. The experience would have been better if they let all grades go out for lunch.
The teachers are awesome! They try their best and it up to the student to make use of the effort they put into it. The football team is the greatest, definitely the best sports team at Lawrence.
Lawrence Union Free School District makes sure every student feels involved. They have something for every different student, from the art students to music students to the academic students.
The Lawrence School district is base upon diversity and equality for all. As I grew with Lawrence High School and developed into being a mature college student, I discover that we are special and unique because of our on separate ideas. Sometimes what needs to be value at school is knowledge and being able to use that knowledge and help others with it. Growing up with kids that came from different backgrounds as me helped me discover who I am and what other people mean to my life.
I love the programs that are offered. Lawrence Union Free School District has a wonderful dance and music program. They also have a wide variety of sports programs. They also offer AP and honors classes, with wonderful teachers to teach them. I however would like to see better facilities and more administrative contact with families and the school as a whole.
More choices for girls sports. They need opportunity for girls to get involved with the sports that they are interested in. They focus too much on the boys football team and forget about the other teams.
I have been going to lawrence public radio schools since i was once the first grade and i have to say that the community is very safe for kids. As a kid, i made tons of friends that i am friends with till this very day and it's amazingly beautiful. The staff is all connected and very helpful with kids and it's so nice to see my teachers from every grade still in the lawrence districts
The worst possible district to put anyone in. Lawrence recently sold two schools now combining 3rd through 8th in one building, the most unsafe idea in the world. This school has to be investigated for safety issues like so.
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