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I love my learning experience and i've loved all my teachers! Everyone is so helpful and they offer amazing courses.
what i like in my school is the diversity. seems like every group is diverse. the teachers are very friendly and easy to talk to. They make the learning environment really safe and friendly. what i would like to change though would be the food. it's a little unhealthy and very greasy
They are well keep disagreements at a low rate, and tries to make changes to the school if the student body doesn't agree with something.
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I love the relationships with teachers! The teachers are warm, welcoming, and encourage you to reach your full potential! I remember being excited to go to school every morning- I was extremely proud of my elementary and middle school! Once I was enrolled in 9th grade, that's when I became subject to bullying, as well as micro-aggressions (as an African American). The administration at my high school, Free State High School, truly had great intentions when it came to making students feel safe within the confines of high school; however, there is only so much the administration and teachers can do when the bullying goes on social media and within social circles, or "clicks". I loved going to Lawrence Public Schools!
The main thing i would change about this district is the staff. I think the staff need to be more positive and focus on the success of its students. A lot of the classes I had Junior year involved teachers that made it very hard to learn because they simply did not excite the students or offer encouragement.
I find that a lot of their teachers really value their students and genuinely care about them as people, outside of the classroom. They also work with students to help them better achieve, even if it's outside of classroom norms. On the other hand, the administration is notorious for being ineffective in helping students, and it requires a lot of connections and work to get the help students need. Personally, I have had a lot of luck in earning accommodations through my relationships to social workers and teachers in the schools, but I know far too many people who haven't had the same luck as myself. At the classroom level, I'd give 5 stars any day, but with the administration issues, it brings my overall rating down.
A public school district experience is pretty standard, USD 497 is no different. From firsthand experience, I can tell that the district is serving its purpose, but is in need of dire reconstruction.
The actions the district is taking to implement technology into the classroom are way too big of steps, and not planned out very well in terms of needs and things not needed by students, and general waste of materials.
Lawrence tries to be very diverse in their learning and opportunities but lacks the required funds to make an impact for our academics and also lacks the proper buildings to provide a safe environment for our education. Kansas University is what allows our school to have the extra resources that covers up the lack of funds that we have.
I would like to see more administrative involvement, better teachers for ap classes, more inclusivity.
The district is fine except for principal harkin. He enjoys bullying children who suffer from medical conditions. Using truancy diversion as a weapon.
I wish we had more opportunities for internships at the high school level, and more career preparation, like help with resumes, etc.
Lawrence Unified School district was a great experience overall. However being a person of color you easily notice the presence or the lack of of colored people in the community. At least in the community that I was raised and a part of.
In general the lawrence public school system is good. Most teachers I have had no problem with and of course there were a few that were better and some that did not quite reach the bar set by their colleagues. The aspect that sets it apart from other districts in the area is its use of money. Large technology initiatives have been set, yet we still have crowded classrooms. I don't agree with the way money is spent, but maybe that's more of a state problem than a local problem.
There are two high schools. One has more diversity than the other. I like the diversity. I like to learn from others' experiences/backgrounds. One school doesn't have quite the parent support as the other but partly because those parents are working multiple jobs. Some people say one school is better than the other. I wouldn't say that. Every school has their issues.
The Lawrence School District is truly a stand out district in Kansas. Students are given proper material to challenge themselves and students are incredibly driven. This school district also promotes the arts which is rare for this state.
Of course like everything it wasn't perfect but it was certainly pleasant. Lots of diversity and welcoming community with a few exceptions. The only thing i would change is the administration. It certainly could use a fix.
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Lawrence school districts are both fantastic and horrible. Teachers are eonderful and caring about their students. Resources available to students are numerous and in close reach. However, there are large amounts of bullying, racism, and unfair treatment between schools. Free state High is better quality and more advanced than Lawrence High. LHS is lacking in sanitary safe conditions. At both schools students feel unsafe. Both schools care more about sports than other activities. The arts, music and journalism are ignored by a majority of the school and administration. Lawrence schools do have a great community and social life.
I enjoyed my experience with Lawrence public schools. I spent my whole K-12 experience with USD 497, and I am very pleased. I feel like I was challenged and pushed to be the best student and young man I could be. The teachers has a vested interest in my success, and they still recognize me around town. I felt safe going to school, and I'm thankful for the comfortable learning environment that was created for me
I loved my school District. The town is very diverse and the district has split the town in a way the the diversity can be recognized at all the schools. In addition the district has done a great job and including every individual's needs.
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