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Lawrence Township Public Schools Reviews

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great staff in all buildings. Child study team is very helpful. They all truly care about our children.
I was bullied all throughout high school and no matter how much I reported it nothing was done to help me or to change the behavior of the bully I don’t recommend this school for any one I had the worst 4 years of my life here.
Lawrence Township Public High School is representative of US culture and diversity where you will meet people from all sorts of background, culture and economic status. When you leave the school and enter the college or job market, you are already know how to work with people from all sorts of backgrounds.
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I have been in the Lawrence township public school district for over 10 years! My family and I love it here, I have a sibling and many cousins in the school district as well.
I believe Lawrence Township as a lot to offer as a community and is highly reccommended as a diverse township and a lot of people look to lawrence as a place of comfort and safet where I believe it is the most appropriate place in all areas from schools, to just the community in general
They are a very Diverse school. I love that they keep up with Technology. I wish they had more Photography classes offered in the high school.
I started attending a public school in Lawrence Township my sophomore year, and if I had to describe my experience in one word it would probably be…. Impressed! I’m baffled by how well prepared these school are, the equipment used in the variety of classes are up to date. The teachers found in these schools are ready and excited to be able to teach the new generation.
Very pleased with the Lawrence High Experience. The teachers are dedicated, the students are welcoming, and the overall facilities are good.
I enjoyed all my teachers and the memories I made while in high school. The teachers are very nice and helpful. I loved how high tech the middle schools are.
Every school has its ups and downs. Lawrence High School has great General Tso's chicken for lunch every now and then, but also gets VERY hot in summer. There are a couple fights, but nothing ever too bad. The teachers can either be your best friends, or they are annoying and don't stop talking. The athletics haven't always been great, but Lawrence has a lot of school spirit anyways.
LTPS were overall great. Most teachers are very engaging in the classroom in addition to many of them also coaching sports or running clubs. LTPS provides the education and school involvement necessary to succeed in building character and friendships. It is a great place to build a well rounded student as many teachers truly connect with students and become a mentor or support system to them. Some teachers and faculty notice different personality types and teach to the overall classroom type and therefore do not teach to the smartest or academically challenged in the room but rather the average. This can be good or bad depending on where the student falls. However there are many chances to take advanced level courses including Honors and AP. The district is very involved in the community and students and faculty are always creating clubs and events to better the community as a whole. Recently LHS and LIS have created Green Clubs where they promote sustainability within the district.
I would like to see more responsibility being placed on the students. I felt like we had our hands held too much at times.
This school district was great in giving me a well-rounded education as well as inspiring me to follow my passions.
I always felt welcome in Lawrence township schools beginning when I was in first grade. Great teachers great students all ready and willing to learn.
so far I have liked LHS a lot. There are so many supportive teachers and staff and there is always an activity or something to do!
I had a pretty good experience overall but some of the teachers are truly terrible (very smart but no teaching ability whatsoever) and the administration seems completely blind to it.
It's an incredible school district, absolutely delightful. Everyone's friendly and is a very welcoming place for new students like me.
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I like how most teachers here understand their students struggles. I would like it if the y changed their tests and assignments to fit the way of learning for other students.
As the parent of five school aged children spanning four schools in the district, I am privileged to have experienced Lawrence Township Schools for fifteen years so far, and for ten years to come. In addition to the exceptional education that my children are earning, the support of teachers and administration as we journey the ups and downs of the school years is unsurpassed. Regardless of the circumstances, I know my children will be supported, guided with principles that match my own, and educated in a way that will help them reach their potential as life-long learners.
Lawrence has a great student body and atmosphere. The teachers have your best interest, and want you to succeed. There are many opportunities for you to move ahead in math level, A.Ps, etc !
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