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Lawrence Township Public School District Reviews

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There is more focus on reading comprehension and writing than math skills. Overall, it was a good environment to learn from. The teachers are friendly and genuine.
This school was about average. I graduated in 2013, the education is accelerated in some subjects whereas others it completely lacks. For a high school it is a good environment and a good town. Athletics are subpar but school spirit is always high.
Overall, a great experience. I feel lucky to have had all the academic and emotional support they offered. Also, I was able to take on so many leadership roles which helped me grow.
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I've been in Lawrence High School from freshman to senior year and have never had any problems. The only disappointment was in the second half of my senior year when the nation was hit with the COVID19 pandemic! All personal interaction suddenly ceased and education became a virtual reality ! That sucked! And in addition, all senior one in a life time events were cancelled!
It was a great experience teachers are so helpful and everyone gets a long most of the time but we are like family
I love lawrence township , its a great place to go if your looking diversity and great teachers that are willing to help if your willing to try and learn ! One thing i can say that i would like to see change is how they control the traffic lights around lawrence central high school , the traffic gets backed up fast and we just need people out controlling the traffic lights and i feel like the district would be alot better so people can get where they need to be on time and no one would be late !
Lawrence Township Public schools are a great balance for us - the academics are strong, yet the kids don't feel like crazy pressure the students feel in some of the districts around us. Kids can be kids and get a great education without massive anxiety. Love the diversity of our town and our district!
Our teachers and administrators are amazing and extremely dedicated to our students. Our buildings and facilities are constantly being upgraded and improved, including air conditioning in all schools and a turf field at the high school. We also have one of the biggest education foundations in the state that invests over $200,000 in projects and programs in our public schools each year, ensuring our students have state-of-the-art equipment and technology and participate in innovative programs. Both of my kids are thriving in the district.
Love the inclusiveness of our district. Diversity is acceptance and we are thriving. Our sports facilities are great and new air conditioning units in schools are progressive. The solar power initiative, implemented years ago, was brilliant and so ahead of it's time. Great job LTPS
Lawrence has a strong academic program offering over 20 AP classes. Graduates attend Ivy league and other prestigious universities. Lawrence is the only local district with two turf fields and soon to have air conditioning in all classes. The district is a district of character and is one of the highest ranking green districts in the state.
I loved Lawrence High! The teachers were great if you made an effort and genuinely wanted to help. I would recommend more college preparation, in the realm of both the classroom and guidance department. The school spirit is there however an there is a true Lawrence culture I can a-test to!
I lived in Lawrence all my life and it is a nice, small community that has many opportunities for children to succeed.
I absolutely loved the people, and the culture is growing by the years. I think the education was fair and can be enhanced by choosing to take more rigorous courses. Overall, I think it is all about what you make of it. Try the clubs and programs they offer as well as push yourself in your academic life it will carry further than you think. I think the faculty is really caring and wants you to succeed as well as the guidance department!
Couldn’t be more pleased with the education my children have received from LTPS. My graduates were very well prepared for their freshman college year and dedication to students through academics, athletics and overall well-being was exceptional.
I love the school, the teacher are both rigorous and enjoyable. Although, recently, in the past 2 year, I have seen a increase in drug usage and discipline problems. This is all filtering into the high school from the middle school. So something must be going on in the middle school for these problems to be transferring into the high school.
While many may complain about the school, I believe it has provided me with a quality education and introduced me to a diverse community.
great staff in all buildings. Child study team is very helpful. They all truly care about our children.
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I was bullied all throughout high school and no matter how much I reported it nothing was done to help me or to change the behavior of the bully I don’t recommend this school for any one I had the worst 4 years of my life here.
Lawrence Township Public High School is representative of US culture and diversity where you will meet people from all sorts of background, culture and economic status. When you leave the school and enter the college or job market, you are already know how to work with people from all sorts of backgrounds.
I have been in the Lawrence township public school district for over 10 years! My family and I love it here, I have a sibling and many cousins in the school district as well.
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