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The teachers are amazing. They are really what makes this school unique. All of the staff are just incredible mentors, role models, influences, and people. The school is small so everyone knows each other, but aside from all the normal school drama; the teachers make it a great environment to learn.
They don't have alot of classes to offer but they do a great job of teaching the ones they have. They could use a few more student clubs and organizations. Some teachers tend to favor certain students. Its a pretty small school and that can be great but also not so much... it all depends on what you like.
I love that Lawrence is so small that everybody knows one another. All of the staff are so nice and willing to help students. I would like our school to be able to gain more opportunities because we are very poor and are in need of help.
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I have been in Lawrence Public Schools ever since kindergarten. I used to love getting up and going to school everyday because the Teachers, Staff and the students were so amazing. When I entered in the High School that soon all changed. My classes seemed way different than over in the Elementary. You could tell the Teachers just didn't care about the students and if they did a good job or not. To this day I still feel like the Teachers are there just for a paycheck. Freshman year was a great year, we had such a good Principal and great staff members, but Junior year everything changed with new people coming in and changing my school. Lawrence will always be home, but it just isn't like it used to be.
I have gone to Lawrence my whole life, ever since Pre-K. I love how friendly and caring everyone is. It is not a very big school and the town is not that big either so everyone watches out for everyone and their kids just as if they were apart of their own family. One thing I would like to see change is the new atmosphere in our school, we have new administration and not a lot of the kids like them because they do not get out and talk to any of us.
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