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USD 497 has provided me with a fruitful education, as well as a support system that has truly molded myself as an individual. It takes a village to raise a group of kids to grow up and prepare them for the world, and USD 497 does so with everything they can. Not only has the education been extraordinary, the social aspect has always been abundant with opportunity to have fun.
The teachers tyr there very hardest to be available to help the students. although there are some kids who make it hard to learn they try to proceed and give the very best education they possibly can.
Overall, my experience in Lawrence Public Schools was good and I can say that the teachers are the best there and they truly care about you. I am an alum and I heard that they changed the options for food and i am glad for that.
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Lawrence Publics Schools is in desperate need of change. Being an immigrant city, resources and facilities are compromised to educate international students, mainly Hispanic students from DR & PR. Space continues to be a challenge at LHS where the school system cannot stay true to the buildings original purpose.
Well I got out a little later then expected but it was great while I was there I met some pretty great teachers and it honestly was a great learning experience for everyone. Were there some pretty nice people that went there and i still have frieands i still talk to from there.
Lawrence needs to build more on getting kids to learn in the community and getting kids to try and succeed in life not just get them buy and get them through because these are kids who will run the future and we want them doing well
Lawrence Public Schools
Made me feel very welcomed and like I actually mattered when I came to the United States from the Dominican Republic. My English Learning teacher was very patient with me and we worked really hard and now I speak both English and Spanish fluently. Through my 3 years in high school I’ve had a lot of teachers who actually cared about me not only as a student but as a person as well and they taught me a lot about the real world and what’s going to happen when I step out into a new experience and life at college.
My experience at Lawrence High School was really good. I met new people that helped me to become a better student and they never left me give up. In this school I got to learn how to speak English and how to act with people from others parts of the world. I could never forget how good people made me feel when I got to know them and some of them are like my family now. Teachers in this school care about the students and they are always helping us to do better. It doesn’t matter that they are not your counselor or something they are always going to be there.
Lawrence Public School are very organized but there’s still need of some changes with the way they manage new students that don’t speak English.
Lawrence Public schools has helped me grow as a student and as a person. my teachers are great in high school I've made some great connections and i just love Lawrence.
More support toward teachers and students from higher ups, the lunch needs to be improved and the structure of the school's saftey
I would like to see more teachers connect with students, I believe this is part of the reason why students don't strive as much in their studies. I would like for the food to be a bit more chew-able and less dry. I would like for some students in Lawrence High school to have better resources because some students don't have access to a computer at home nor at the school. Which would be challenging to be expected to do an assignment online without the resources. The academics could be much better along with graduation rate, but I am proud of the superintendent for rising it, along with MCAS scores.
I really enjoyed myself at Lawrence High, I made many friends and created very strong bonds and relationships with not only my peers but also with the facility members including the teachers and the administration. But of course not every school is perfect. I wish the academics would be more advanced so people would be more prepared for the next level in college. But besides that and the food, I enjoy my time with Lawrence high.
Its not that it was bad rather the lack of organization this school system had in addition to the learning gap there is. The majority of the classes aren't even hard rather they just bombard the students with classwork home work and what ever the teachers want.
Overall, my experience with Lawrence Public Schools has been average. There tends to be an uneven distribution of the little resources we have. Another thing that disappoints me is the focus on standardized testing instead of actual learning. Meaning, once students graduate from high school and move on to college, they have a hard time adjusting to the new responsibilities given to them. Only the students who put a lot of effort into their own education make it far.
I have been part of Lawrence Public schools since the second grade. The ESL program is phenomenal, when I first arrived to Lawrence I did not know the language. My ESL teacher “Mrs. De Hernande” helped me learn the language, it was a struggle to learn a new language but with her help I managed to stay strong and learn English. LPS offers students with extra tutoring and mentoring when it is necessary. Teachers are always willing to help and listen. I have never felt unsafe and unwelcome at LPS. Everyone is welcoming and willing to lend a hand to those who need help. At LPS no student is discriminated for their race, background, sexual orientation. I’m more than glad that I had the opportunity to attend Lawrence Public Schools, as they have prepared me to go to college and have a promising future. At Lawrence High School the goal is to send every student to college, and I am already in the process thanks to all rewarding help I’ve been offered.
I go to the Lawrence High School but my siblings have all been to a public school in Lawrence.Every school is different. Some are really strict, others are a little less lenient. Lawrence High School is a really big school. Each grade has approximately 700 students. It is hard to keep security everywhere all the time. There is enough staff, they offer many electives, the music and theater electives are amazing and give students the opportunity to learn about many different instruments and parts of the voice, etc. Most times there isn't enough books for everyone because even though it is such a big school it is not supported economically by the state. Students are very lively and friendly.
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Many oppurtunites to make a great future out of yourself. School policies always changing, never stable.
Lawrence Public schools is a place where most people will pass without much effort. This is something that frustrated me because I didn't ever feel challenged enough. I wish that we had less of a struggle when it came to supplies, budget, and overall education.
The only thing I will change is the organization. Other than that Lawrence public school is a great place for kids education
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