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My overall experience at Lawrence county high school thus far has been amazing. Lawrence county high school has teachers who are eager to teach, counselors who go above and beyond in order to ensure that we will enjoy high school, and all around great employees. Lawrence county is an amazing school but much like any other school it does like a few things. The school is located in a poor small town that lacks funding the school needs better ways for students to access and do work. Students are allowed to check out Chromebooks but each student needs a form of these implemented in their home. Students need a way to work from home now that everything is virtual. The academics at Lawrence County seem to be a bit poor while teachers try their best the school has low test scores as a junior here seeing ACT help would be an amazing change that would benefit all.
I love the energy from staff and my fellow classmates. Throughout my time I've developed skills that will assist me through not only life but schools as well. The staff is very helpful in making sure all questions and concerns are answered to promptly and that no student is not informed.
this school is probably the most average and below average school in lawrence county limited resources and most teachers do not care if they teach you or not. the food could be better and the administration could be more strict. i am a senior at lawrence county and i could not be more happier i am leaving
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Lawrence County did not prepare me for college. It did not provide the education I needed to continue my schooling. There was a fun environment. The teachers are nice and relaxed and sporting events are entertaining.
My experience at Lawrence County High school has been pretty good over all. There are definitely some things that could improve, but that is true with anything. Over all, I have been blessed to have had a good high school experience. Others are not as lucky, but I am blessed and I cannot complain.
The teachers don't care at all and they just issue assignments without any teaching. Students fail because they don't understand the work and haven't been taught the work at all. it's frustrating because nobody is ready for college because they haven't been able to learn anything while here. The people are down right mean and will stab you in the back in a heart beat. The administration wants to get you in trouble for anything so they seem like they are doing their job instead of working on problems with the faculty. Going here is depressing.
As for the school my kids go to i love it and very happy with it and fell that is a safe school for them to attend and the teachers help the kids very well.
I like Lawrence County High School because everyone knows each other, and when disaster strikes like the April 27th tornadoes, we know how to work together. I would like to see students treated more fairly when it comes to discipline.
The experience at Lawrence county high was actually less of average. The teaching staff was not poor but could have taught the courses with more explanation.
I love the size of the school and the amount of students that attend. We have great teacher that give us the best education possible. I would love to see it grow as a school. Maybe new desks, bathrooms, and better ac units.
I wish the tech was more updated and had more updated supplies but still a good simple school. Everything is simple and easy to understand. Teachers are very willing to help and the counselors are great about helping with college and whatever you may need or want. I love how simple the school is to navigate aswel.
I loved my experience at Lawrence County High School. We had just the right amount of students. Almost all of the teachers were friendly. I felt like I was very prepared for college when I graduated. I loved being at a small, country school.
I like the student teacher interaction throughout every aspect of the school. The school is ethnically diverse and is a wonderful school. The teachers help out in any way that they can and they always shape the classroom to the students' needs.
The Lawrence County School systems are amazing. Not only do the teachers take out the time to make sure everyone understand the assignments, but they also get to know you personally. Although, like many other school systems Lawrence County Schools could still use some improvement. One way to help improve the county schools would be to broaden the variety of skills that can be taught and to provide more up to date books.
I have been in the Lawrence county school system since kindergarten and I had a decent over all expirence, but there is defiantly room for improvement. They do a good job at getting teachers that like what they do and are right for the job. One of the few downsides is that since it is a smaller school district there is not a lot of funding and as a result a lot of high schools were closed down and the students were sent to others causing an overload of people to a couple large schools. Many people didn't like this and decided to leave which resulted in even a bigger loss of funding that greatly impacted us. We don't have much of the newer technology or anything facy but we make do with what we have. Overall I think we have a great school system and I would even go as to say that we it is one of the best in Alabama. I strongly recommend anyone too come to Lawrence county it's a small place but with big benefits.
Lawrence County high school has been a great experience for me my last two years of school. We have great teachers. They take the time with each student to make sure they stay motivated. The faculty and staff go above and beyond for the students. I am very appreciative for the attention they have given me to stay on track to accomplish my goals outside of high school.
I'm enrolled in the Lawrence County School district, its a great school system. However, I wish our school system will get up-to-date technology and allow us to use laptops instead of textbooks.
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I have truly enjoyed my experience at Lawrence County High School. Being a 5A school creates an environment full of diverse students. There are just enough students where as you can have lots of friends and still know almost everyone who walks the halls. The school spirit is overwhelming at LCHS and it makes high school years very memorable for the students who participate. We have great teachers who help make achieving our dreams possible! If I could change one thing about the program, it would be the lack of funding of resources we acquire. We receive little money for our school system and it limits us to the things that we are allowed to do.
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