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I have been in the Lawrence County school from kindergarten to senior year and it is a good school system but there’s a lot of improvement that need to be made like the fact that the schools care more about have a couch to get a good team then a good teacher to teach the classes and it’s really bad for bullying because they say they will help but while they make the students go to a program about it nothing changes they still have the same problems because we are extremely southern and it’s hard for most people to accept other cultural because this place is only one culture
The teachers at Lawrence county high school are great and they work with you to help you learn. They offer after school help and in the mornings.
Some of the teachers are wonderful but some are just awful. The dress code for all students should be the same. The food in the school need to be better.
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I’ve went to Lawrence County Schools ever since i started school. It was honestly an experience, and a fun experience. I was honestly so ready for the next step in life after i graduated but now i’m looking back wishing i was still there. one thing i would most definitely change, is the food.
I was given individual attention and different options and opportunities to express and progress my learning and skills. Given the wealth of the county and the school system, schools are limited on how advanced the courses and material can be.
I have been in the Lawrence county school system my whole life. It's an okay school system. Certain schools get treated differently than others, and same with students.
My school has great team spirit and everyone is family. The teachers only want what is best for you. The only thing I would like to see change is underclassmen involvement.
Overall a great experience. The only major effect that I can see as I have entered college is that I was not prepared enough. Lawrence County Schools are too focused on standardized testing versus actually making sure students learn the material. For example, I know for a fact the math class I had in 7th grade has affected me now when I'm in MA 112. It's those basic math skills that I lack.
My experience at LCHS was not terrible. It was as one would expect from a high school. The major fault is in the academics and college readiness category. There are very limited options, clubs, and classes to prepare for college and to expand a student's interests. I did not feel like this was a unique experience at all. Students feel like just a number there. I will admit that I met some fantastic people there, but that is not because of the school.
My experience is the Lawrence County School System had a lot of ups and downs. Overall is was an amazing time that I will remember forever. I had great times and bad times. I believe that the teachers whose classes I disliked most happened to be the best teachers. I have learned more math in the past two months of Calculus with Jerry Thomas than I have learned the whole four years.
Lawrence County is a great place to get a education. The teachers and administrators truly care about your success past high school.
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