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Lawrence County School District Reviews

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The schools, themselves, are making progress to be better. The problem is the school board....They do not communicate with parents. Their goals are scores, not educating. The district has wonderful teachers, but the school board and president need to be replaced...
Lawrence County is a wonderful place for a student to receive an education. The variety of classes offered at Lawrence County could be a little more, but all in all, the school is excellent
I loved Lawrence county while i attend it! I met great friends and built strong relationships with them! The teachers were great too, then helped you in anyways they could!
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I would like to see better service. The whole high school experience has been completely amazing for me to say the least.
The Lawrence county School district for the most part has really well equipped teachers and employees .The district does lack in clubs and activities I feel like we could have a greater variety.
I like some of the teachers here at LCHS. They help a lot and they keep it real with you. The school system is set it pretty nicely. The sports are okay, I just wish we had more, like Volleyball. The food here is not so great. I don't eat it, I bring a lunch or snack. We only have 4 blocks a day but the classes change either every 9 weeks or semester. They are very strict with the uniforms you wear. There are many electives to chose from but I wish we had more. LCHS is not that big of a school. The principles are okay and that's about all
I have attended Lawrence County High School for four years. I have learned a lot attending this school. The teachers are always willing to help you if you have problems. I also got to take many dual enrollment classes for college. Therefore, I have many classes out of the way when I start college. The athletic program at LCHS is remarkable. I have cheered for four years. I attend every football and basketball team. Although our teams are not the best in the state, everyone tries their best and we have fun doing it. LCHS also has many clubs and organizations to be involved in. I feel when I graduate, I will miss being a senior at Lawrence County High School.
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