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Laverne Public Schools Reviews

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Laverne School is the best high school in Oklahoma. It doesn't have many activities to be in such as clubs, but the ones we do have they are very fun and encourage everyone to join. Overall Laverne's ratings in Oklahoma are very good for just about everything, including teachers to the facility. There are so many supporters for you in everything you do. I can boldly say I'll be a proud graduate of Laverne Highschool in the spring with the class of 2019. It always has a great atmosphere for learning. I have made so many forever friends here. It is going to be sad to leave, but there will always be Homecomings as alumni. Can definitely say Ill always be a Tiger at heart!
This school gave me an excellent career in high-school. The teachers are interactive with the students and no one is left behind. Everyone knows each other in a small town and everyone is accepted. It is rare to see someone bullied or harassed, overall a good experience for anyone to go too. The diversity is a huge part of the school as well. With an average class size of 30 students, this school can really handle anyone and everyone is accounted for.
I'm a current student here at Laverne. This is the best school you could ever go to because we may be small but we are mighty. My hometown has had people graduate and be come trhe National FFA President, a working for NASA and so many other. If your looking for a small town that can teacher you children great things this is the school.
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I went to Laverne High School my senior year and graduted from hear, my kids go to this School and i wount chose any other for them to go.
I have 5 kids attending Laverne Schools. Each child is cared for and loved by their teachers. They are allowed to be involved in successful sports and music programs. I couldn't ask for a better experience!
good school great school its life changing really knows what to do for me, and helps bring everyone together in a good way. its the school you want to go to for adapting to anyone in society.
I have been going to this school for 10 years now and this is the best school I have ever been to. The best thing is it a small town you know everyone in your class and all the teachers. If you do sports you will always be having a blast because there is always games. But the FFA and Choir are the most enjoyable and I hope for every new kid that come will love it too. Some day my kids will go to this school!!
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