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Laurens County School District No. 55 Reviews

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I loved attending LDHS and I am so happy that it is still doing a wonderful job with it's students.
I was a student at Laurens District 55 ever since I started 5k. I am glad to call this district my school. The teachers of this district truly care about all the students. Not only that but the administrators interact with the parents to help improve what is yet to be. The student body of all age is the best. We all do what is told both in class and to help give to the community. From Ford Elementary, Sanders Middle, up to LDHS the school district has changed in a good way. Safety procedures are in place, and the teachers have developed fun ways to help the students interact with one another. To me, the thing that I like the most is that, by the time we get to the high school, all the teachers make sure that every student is on the right path for their future. Without them, I would have never got this far in school. I am thankful to all my teachers for being there for me when I needed it.
There were some extremely dedicated and passionate teachers. However administration both within the schools and the district had very underhanded and manipulating qualities. Lack of information given to the students was often blamed on those students.
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I feel the smaller middle schools need more activities to get the children involved. It would also be great if they didn't move administrators around every year. It really messes up the kids. They need some place to go to that has a normal because most of the kids in our district don't have a normal when they leave school at the end of the day. Also may of our children don't know where their next meal will come from. So while I think its great we have all free lunches, if its something no one will eat its a huge waste of money.
L55 is a fantastic school! The teachers are caring and supportive. The academics are challenging and we have some of the most talented, creative and driven students in the nation. I had an amazing 4 years in Laurens 55.
I would like to see improvements in the facilities. The community did not support a recent bond referendum which was needed. Most buildings are old and need updating.
I would like for class that all seniors have to take that’s gets them ready for the real world. For example teach about preparing taxes, how does loans work, what’s a credit
As far as clubs and extracurricular activities go, I loved Laurens High school. I did not like the food, and parent involvement was not the greatest.
As someone who has been through 12 years in laurens district 55. I can say that at many of the schools, the main good thing was the teachers. So many teachers try to genuinely help with things rather than just keep kids busy
Some teachers are great, others suck. The food is bad. Athletics and afterschool programs are great. Administration doesn't really know what they're doing.
Laurens District 55 High School is a very unique School.The teachers try hard to fix behavioral issues students have, but sometimes it gets out of hand. However some of the classes are very well. And there are very bright students who attend. As a school itself it may be worn down but it still has some pretty okay facilities. It does need Renovations but it's not in dire need.
Although I have attended Laurens District 55 High School for two years, I have experienced a plethora of different, amazing, and subpar circumstances. To begin with, the opportunities at Laurens are amazing, such as the GEARUP grant program, free tutoring programs, out-of-state opportunities, and a variety of assessments to take to prepare you for college. On the other hand, there are the stances where learning isn’t the initial priority at school, and passing the class is deemed more important than retaining critical information. Not only that, but the issue of safety has occurred several times recently, with constant confrontations, and weapons on campus. However, the police and administration squad are quick to handle the predicaments and implement a safe atmosphere in the school. Overall, although there are several downfalls to Laurens District High School, the amazing opportunities and support from the administration allow me to achieve my goals and become successful in life.
Good school but need a new building to allow for better educational experience such as science labs in order to be better prepared for college. The school need to focus attention on all afterschool programs not just basketball and football.
Open environment to many types of people. Everyone is open to have and share their opinions. Our student council is very open to our school community. Our teachers continue to let us know that they are here to help us.
The school is trying to improve but the budget is not there, the county is at an 80 percent poverty rate and it is visible in the school.
My four years at Laurens High School have been just strictly that, school. I never had much of a relationship with my teachers, and the only time I met with guidance counselor was once a year for an iGP. I maintained good grade and a high GPA, but I believe I could have done much better if I had a better relationship with my school.
The Laurens School District 55 is my home. I attended all grades kindergarten through 12 with the school system and overall I have had a great experience. However 5% of the teachers are under qualified to teach students. Although a majority of teachers love their jobs and work hard for students to learn, you may encounter one or two teachers that do not take an interest. I wish the school system had a way of detecting those teachers and training them better. The district has always been fair to the students, and has defiantly learned from their mistakes. In the long run you have to make your experiences exceptional, get involved and always be ready to meet new people. There are plenty of activities to get involved in with the school system.
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I attended and Graduated from Laurens High school. I enjoyed my time here. Although when I went to college I realized I was not necessarily prepared as I should have been.
My experience at Laurens District 55 High School was okay. I would like to see changes in teachers as to food.
I liked the few dedicated teachers who went above and beyond to help their students reach their goals. The district does not go out of its way to help minorities or marginalized groups though, and does not handle bullying at all.
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