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Laurens Central School District Reviews

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I love how close the school community becomes with school functions or sporting events. It's a very small school, containing only around 300 students kindergarten through 12th grade. It feels more like a family, rather than a school. I have become so close with all the student and all of the faculty members. I'm so grateful to have spent Kindergarten through 12th grade at such a great school with great people.
Rural setting in Upstate New York, caring staff of teachers and support staff, and fewer than 500 kids enrolled, leads to the attention needed to learn, if you look for it.
Overall, a very good experience. I would like to see more diversity, and also the ability to handle situations between two students a little better. Other than that, the district is really good, all of the staff are willing to help in any way they can and everyone is very hands on and always doing their best to accommodate to the students needs.
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During my time at Laurens Central School, I have reviewed the teachers as very welcoming and good at their jobs. A few changes of focusing on what the students need to excel should be addressed.
Most of the students at Laurens Central school are very nice. The majority of the students have been together since kindergarten. I entered the school at the beginning of my junior so, naturally, I was a bit of an outcast for a while. Once people started to get to know me I was let into some friend groups. This school is very good with their students and academics is absolutely the most important thing for the administration of this school.
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