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There are very few teachers here that are actually concerned about their students outcome. In most cases they simply throw the information at you and could care less if you understand it or not. This means if you don’t have the resources or the motivation to get help elsewhere your toast. The school has recently made a lot of changes; a new principal, some different teachers and new counselors, don’t know how good that will do them but I wish them luck. I’m just glad to be finally graduating and moving on with my life.
I love the encouraging phrases on the walls and stairs. They could do better with the staff. There’s too much favoritism shown to different students. Athletes have more support than the choir and the band. If it’s not sport related, it’s not important. Pep rallies are the best thing about the schools.
Laurel school District is a fantastic school who recently progressed from a D level school to a B level school and i can say if it wasn't for the teachers not just doing their jobs ,But teaching us because they love us and want us to succeed in are education career path we would not be What we have become today.
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My experiences at Laurel High School show me how to prepare for college and much how harder college is than highschool , I will miss being on the dance team there as my extra curriculum activity . If i could change anything it would be to have better lunches and have more ways students could interact with each other .
Laurel High School is a school that that’s live for everyone. They have great things to get involved in such as the following: school clubs, sports,academic programs, and they help you with extra activities. My experience being at Laurel High School was great. They’re always going an extra mile for all of their students. We have great progress in academics and sports. We’re a B school with the states top high school in sports. Our school opens up to anybody in need. We’re full of positive energy and we’re ready for any challenge.
I loved the experience at Laurel High School . Everyone is different , but we are the same. The school district has an unique ability of mixing life lesson with academics.
Laurel High School is an average school. Our academics have become extremely better and our sports teams, such as football, track, and basketball have made it to state a lot. Overall things such as the facilities and food could use some extreme help. To be honest, we eat the same food basically every day , which isn’t healthy to me. Also the restrooms are constantly dirty, but I blame that on the students bad hygiene. Overall, Laurel isn’t that bad, it just needs a little makeover.
I have been in Laurel School Distract almost all my life. So days are better than some and Laurel School District has made a lot of changes in the pasted years.
I loved everything about Laurel School District. It's a very friendly environment and their faculty is amazing.
I've been apart of Laurel School District for 18 years. It was rocky. There were principals who showed favoritism or just didn't care for all of the students. Then, there were some who gave their all to make sure the students succeed. Dr. Chuck Beningo is one of the best Superintendents' to walk through Laurel, MS. When I say he loves his kids, as he calls us, he loves us. Laurel School District is basically one big family.
The teachers are very involved with the students at Laurel Highschool, they try their hardest to help the students learn and grow as people. My only complaint is that we often do not have the needed resources, whether that be with chrome books or teachers. I feel the school experience could be expandes upon if we had the tools to do it.
The Laurel school district provides many activities to get kids involved in their community. In general, teachers care for their students and are concerned with their academic and general well-being.
The Laurel School District is amazing. There are a lot of classes available for students to thrive in life. The teachers are passionate about their students. Student's test scores have excelled tremendously since 2013. I am a living testimony to what Laurel High School has to offer. I would like to see test scores excel more.
It was a decent school, possibly the best in our district. Most of the teachers were nice and helpful throughout my high school tenure. I only wish their rules weren't subject to change every couple of weeks as the staff came off as very contradictory and hypocritical. Laurel High School had its major downs but I would have probably not of wanted to be at any other school.
Could use a lot of improvements, not enough funding is put into the school. I feel that many of the teachers are nit qualified and the ones that are qualified are under paid. not enough attention is paid to the needs of the students and there needs. There is not enough parent invovlement, not enough school activities.
Some very great people are a part of this school system, but there needs to be more of a push to make students realize their capabilities and strive for higher achievements.
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