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Laurel was a great school, and i had plenty of fun and good opportunities with my education. The teachers and administrators were very helpful, I don’t see any flaws the school would have to change
my experience at laurel high was pretty good. growing up i always had the thought that high school would be just like the TV shows and movies haha. well it actually wasn't sadly , although it wasn't i had a great time i accomplished a lot of goals i had set for myself and made many friends. Now im ready for the bigger stage College!
I feel as though some staff truly care about the students while others just view their job as a job and don’t particarilt care for the students as they should. Administration seems to be more focused on the appearance of the school district rather than the lives of the students within. It feels as though they want to push us through school without truly preparing us for the college life. I would like to see this change, at least for the better of younger generations.
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My experience at Laurel High School was it like any other experience I had another schools. Laurel High School is a very diverse School. Has many programs and activities and clubs that you can join and you won't be judged by it. The teachers at her school try their best to make sure everyone succeeds they you can stay after school to help us. If they see you struggling don't have a private conversation with you and create a plan to help you pass. The guidance counselors try their 100% to talk to every student about college. They ask us what college we want to go to and then tell you what you need to get into the college, they show us resources that could help us in the future they want the best for us.
While my education is very critical and I do learn very important things that will be helpful for my future college education and possibly life after in my career, I do believe that majority of the faculty and staff are inefficient. Some teachers are only there for the paycheck, and the rules and guidelines sometimes infringe upon students' freedoms.
I rated my High School a 4. I rated it this because of the students and sometimes cause of how the teaching and things go. Not all the students at the school are bad, but the thing is that i feel that they don't take school as serious as they should and they disturbed the people who actually want to learn. But that's all schools I guess. It takes me longer learn certain things but the teachers here take their time to help me better understand the work.
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