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Laurel Highlands School District Reviews

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Laurel Highlands School District has been a part of my life since I was 6 years old. The district has prepared me for my future by providing me with opportunities to get involved and make a difference in my community. Laurel Highlands has shaped me to be the person I am today. Throughout the years I have participated in 5 different sports teams, joined the yearbook staff, volunteered, and tremendously grown as a person. I look forward to Laurel Highlands improving their food selection, clubs, and sports teams. I am proud to have been a Laurel Highlands student.
Laurel Highlands school district offers a wide variety of extra curricular activities . The fine arts department at LH is stunning. The bands are amazing!!
I feel that the teachers at this school are amazing. They always go the extra mile. They truly care about their student's education and personal life. The teachers always offer extra help if you struggle in a class. They often hold tutoring in the mornings and after school for one on one help. I am so glad, that I have teachers, that are truly their to help make your high school experience the best it can be.
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I feel that this school has a bad wrap but its a really good school yo. We have good options for classes god electives and great teachers. Not to mention we have the most bangin wrap bar in town. We have many good food choices pasta bar, wrap bar, potato bar,wrap bar, oh yeah wrap bar!!!!!!!!!! Im just saying we have great stuff to offer at this school.
While the school, like any other, has it's issues, in my experience the school is a safe place to learn at many levels. If any complaints, I would say that the student body doesn't have a ton to do with the school board and administrative body but other than that nothing bad.
This school shows great excellence but people could show better desire as well. The fine arts program has great test scores and these kids excel better in their classes. The food is not the best but it is for sure not going to make you to not want to eat at all. We offer the most AP classes in this county as well.
I have seen a lot of change in Laurel Highlands over the last several years. My son, who has special needs, received a lot of care and attentiveness from his teachers. There were a few that could try harder, but what school district doesn't have that. The school was always beautifully decorated for the holidays. The teachers did a great job with the trunk or treat and family reading night activities. Overall, this was a great place for my son to attend. Unfortunately, we moved out of the district and really miss the great people.
The faculty members are very nice and helpful. Many of them will go out of their way in order to help their students. The school itself could use some work and some of the policies are ridiculous.
I just graduated Junior High at Laurel Highlands Junior High Last year, It is a horrible sichool I do NOT reccomend this Public School, I got bullied , pushed, physically pushed and thrown into lockers, and got tripped all the time, also this school is NOT LGBTQ friendly! I was transgender there and had nobody. even the admidistration bullied and didn't accept for who I really was ( male to female) , I self-harmed in the school, and a girl just started laughing at me. I DO NOT RECCOMEND LAUREL HIGHLANDS! ( THIS IS ALL THE TRUTH )!
I loved how helpful my guidance counselor was and how all of my teachers taught. Their AP classes were challenging and really prepared me for what I face being a junior in college!
Laurel Highlands has an energetic, caring faculty - teachers, administrators, and other staff members all great individuals. I mostly enjoyed the music program at Laurel Highlands: the passion, new and practical facilities, and size.
Laurel Highlands was a very accepting kind of school; however, they could give their students more opportunities than they do now. Focus on giving the children a better future instead of focusing on things that aren't necessarily relevant.
My four years at laurel highlands were excellent. All of my teachers were very welcoming and helpful for preparing me for college. Everyone there is super nice and no one bothers you. There are plenty of opportunities to get help from teachers, they are always willing to help.
As a parent as well as an alumnus, I am happy to say my child attends Laurel Highlands SD. I strongly believe in education, you get out of it, what you put into it.
I graduated from laurel highlands highschool in 2016. This is a very good school district and they have a lot of social interactment such as: clubs, sports, and after school activities. When I was attending laurel highlands I participated in sports such as: track and cross country and I did not regret it one bit. You get to make new friends and be socially active. This is a very good school district.
I liked that Laurel Highlands had a great art program and other extra curriculars. I would like to see the change of not worrying so much about the Keystone Test
I went to this school district starting in 5th grade. At the time this school district was a little ways above average, then slowly started becoming a below overage kind of place. The schools themselves were old and needed a remodel. Shortly after I entered the highschool, the district got a grant for remodeling. The renovations seer completed after I had graduated. The academics fluctuated between good and bad, it depended on the teacher really.... Overall it's just a modern day school district trying to keep up with the rapidly changing economy that surrounds it.
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Over all Laurel Highlands is a pretty good District. Some might say the best. But I myself cannot say if so. I have never attended another district. Not too much that I can complain about. Like every school there are the cliche group of kids, preps\jocks etc. But that's everywhere, the rules are reasonable. At times they got a bit more strict with the dress code, for the girls. Along with that was phone usage. But all in all it was okay.
As a recently graduated student of Laurel Highlands School District, I begin to reflect on my time and realize how much I truly enjoyed my experience there. Being in a public school district was one of the things that I enjoyed the most, because it allowed me to see people of different opinions than my own and how to work and cooperate with them in despite of that. A thing that I would like to see change within the school is preparing us more for SATs and other required tests to improve our testing scores.
My overall experience at Laurel Highlands was just ok. I wouldn't say it was the great High School experience that I saw in movies. But it was more lame and uptight. Everyone cared about drama and social media and never did the work they were assigned. Popularity and how much money you have determines how important you are. The maturity is few to none.
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