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What I like about Laurel county public schools is the teachers. The teachers are very helpful whenever you ask them a question or are having a hard time with a question they will help you the best way that they can. What I would like to see change if any way possible, is the diversity its like we are all the same.
Leadership roles are poor, and the goal of focusing on the majority of students is not met. The lack of AP classes at South Laurel High School compared to surrounding counties does not give Laurel County students the same opportunities during and after high school.
Center for Innovation is a great school. I am so proud to be able to be in healthcare programs that typical high school students aren’t able to attend. This school has prepared me for my college career within the healthcare field.
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Loved all my teachers/instructors and the classes at South Laurel High School and at the Center for Innovation! Only thing I would consider changing would be the way AP classes are done. I think students should be given the opportunity to take true college classes instead of taking a high school course all year, then one test at the end determines if you earn college credit or not.
Most of the staff favors certain students over others. The administration is all about making money but fail to take care of children that have no money. They will also do anything and I mean anything to save their own paychecks.
I honestly enjoyed the atmosphere at North Laurel High School and found many of my life-long friends throughout my educational career within the Laurel county public schools. I believe the admistration staff at North Laurel would do anything to help a student out and it really encouraged students to do their very best. Considering it is such a small school, there are many opportunities to get one on one time with teachers and learn more efficiently. There are also athletic opportunities that lie outside of the high school, as I continued my soccer career into college and I know many more of my friends continued their athletic careers to the college level as well. I loved my experience within this school district and I would recommend it to anyone thinking of going there.
From elementary to high school, Laurel County Public Schools ensures the ideal learning environment. With the recent establishment of the Center for Innovation, they really show their determination to get students college ready.
The school could be upgraded, but it's been in our community for years. It offers over 12 AP courses and they have amazing teachers and staff.
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