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Lauderdale County Schools Reviews

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I love the closeness this community has. Students and parents rally together for both good and bad.
I absolutely love going to Rogers High School! You walk into the school building and you feel like you're at home. Rogers has gave me something that no other school could have gave me, and that is the faculty, staff, and the students at Rogers High School.
It was a good experience. I met many great people, both students, and staff. The school system benefits those who have lived there their entire life, not challenging enough for me, and too challenging for one of my friends who moved their the same time.
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I love the community that is found in Lauderdale County Schools, but I would really like to see improvements in parent involvement.
I liked the athletics and all the programs the schools have but i think the schools need to have bullying programs or handle situations better when brought upon them.
My experience with Lauderdale County Schools has been overall excellent. I am always pleased with the academic readiness and level of involvement with the teachers and students.
It is a good school system, they provide tools and help for student trying to succeed their goals in life.
I've always liked the school system. They have to greatest teachers that anyone could want educating them. Also there's more than just education being taught, there's actual life lessons being taught to us.
I had a great experience. I attended Florence middle school and then transferred over to brooks high school. Four stars because the lunch's were gross. 🙄😂
I graduated from this system and had a very good experience. I feel ready to go forward with college and my chosen career path.
Lauderdale County Schools are mostly friendly and close-knit. I go to Lexington High school. It's a safe school, because of the small town it's in. However, there are clickish groups so for new students it can be hard to fit in. The education is pretty decent. Overall, I recommend it.
The teachers at my school work hard and they try to give us the best that they can. Most kids at the smaller schools are amazing and try. I wish the band would get some more funding, but other than that the school is pretty great.
These schools have teachers with skills that are quite average, but the diversity among students is quite lacking. Most all of the teachers are men, and they are coaches that rarely ever teach. The football team is the main focus of the schools, and there are rarely ever classes like art, music, and foreign languages other than Spanish.
Lauderdale County has a great school system with amazing teachers. I'm thankful for my time spent there and proud to have graduated from Brooks High School.
My school has offered me a fantastic education, and it has given me the tools and opportunities that are necessary for my success.
My school has provided me with an incredible education and given me tremendous opportunities for success in the future.
My overall experience with Lauderdale County Schools is pretty great. All the staff are extremely nice to all people. The halls are clean, bathrooms are clean, even classrooms are clean. Also most of the students in Lauderdale County are very nice to one another and teachers.
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The teachers are great here, but the changes I'd like to see is for the teachers to better our students and make them ready for college.
I have had a great experience in the Lauderdale County Schools. I have attended Brooks elementary and then Brooks High School for my entire school career. The highlight of my high school years, has been my involvement in the Pride of the South Brooks High School Band. I have been a majorette since I was in the 8th grade and have continued to grow each year being a part of this organization. We have a wonderful band director who encourages us all to reach out of our comfort zone and do our best. I have also been blessed with wonderful teachers who have encouraged me to do my best to succeed.
I have enjoyed my teachers. Most of them have been very caring and helpful to their students. I have had bad experiences with my peers, but I have found ways to deal with those personally. During my junior year, I was homebound due to anxiety/depression, and all of my teachers were very understanding about my situation and helped me the most they could. I have overall enjoyed my experience at my school.
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