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Lauderdale County School District Reviews

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The district could do better with teaching students and making sure they understand the material. The teachers and staff are more worried about improving state test scores . The district's overall rating is a B, but each individual school's scores vary. If the district took its focus off of state tests, and more on the students, each student would be more likely to succeed.
I like how most of our teachers genuinely care about you and your education. If you get involved in more than just sports, school will be really fun. I've enjoyed my four years of high school. I believe that Southeast is #1 overall. We have a really good principal, Russel Keene. He makes sure that we are enjoying school and he really makes sure that we are on top of things. Our assistant principal, Jan Smith, and our counselor, Sydney Ethridge, are sooooo helpful. They really care about us and are making sure that we are college ready.
The learning environment is fabulous! Run safety drills often to ensure students' safety. The teachers are amazingly very helpful, and they work hard to make sure every child reaches their goal. Keep up the good work!
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Lauderdale County School District is a great District to live in and send students to school. No matter which school your kids are part of they are encouraged to excel and do their best. Each child has the opportunity to learn and become everything they can in life.
I liked the classes that were offered. Most of the teachers are great teachers. Then there are a few that aren't and nothing is done about it.
It is a great district to attend school in Our principal is very proactive in assisting us to get prepared for college. Parent involvement is invited and my parents attended this district as well.
I love my highschool for many reason.. the teachers are great and willing to help out whenever needed and also will do whatever to bring the school closer together. The only thing I would like to see change is to upgrade our school to be more presentable and clean.
They are always willing to hear students’ ideas and opinions. They are open to change when needed, and have amazing teachers that implement the changes that occur. Teachers and students interact nicely.
My experience in this school district has been amazing. They have excellent teachers that like to see students achieve all of their goals. The teachers here instill an abundant amount of grit into their students, a key component to being successful in the future.
What I like most about Lauderdale County School District is how well prepared they are to tell you about what to expect in life. This specific school district tries their best to get you prepared for the real world. As far as how different some college classes are, how it is harder to stay focus, and how easily it is to slack in work and may not be able to redeem yourself because your not focus.
This school is amazing! I love the friendly and helping staff! The students know each other very well. Teachers made sure I did not fall behind and that I knew everything being covered in the class room. The administrators helped me to be fully prepared for college once I graduated. I will cherish all the memories I made at this wonderful school.
My experience in Lauderdale county school district is great. The teachers actually care and my counselor always keeps me up to date on everything. the principal is excited to make a change and I love it. I wish I could change the attitudes of some students because it does effect the school as a whole, but as an individual here I strive for greatness.
Lauderdale County is a great school district that really cares about its students and their achievements. I have been a student of West Lauderdale since I began kindergarten and have always received the very best education. The faculty and staff is caring and personable. Students are taught at a rigorous level and are encouraged to reach their fullest potentials. West Lauderdale strives to educate and equip its students with the knowledge and skills necessary to compete globally in an ever changing society.
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