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The academics were the best in the county. The staff was rather easy to get along with and typically helped the students the best way they could. However, finances (and staff support) were unfairly distributed between sport organizations (I.e. marching band compared to football). While the academics were great, the school is not perfect and lacked an extensive list of extra-curricular activities well as exposure to multiple career options. In the future, the encouragement of more diversity within the IB program would be beneficial to the surrounding community.
my experience at latta high was a typical high school journey, but what stood out the most was a teacher. Mrs. MB is an over the top teacher who took more pride in teaching us than many of our own parents took in us going to school at all
I interned at Latta Elementary in a Montessori classroom. They had very nice facilities and plenty of staff. I went to Latta Middle and High school. The schools could definitely benefit from a remodel, but nonetheless had pretty good teachers and resources.
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Great teachers. Education is valued there. The teachers and administrators care. The school is safe. Preparation for college is emphasized. The sports are good. Small school, but great atmosphere. There is a push for growth.
Latta high school has a great learning environment. The staff and administration are dedicated to making sure that kids get their education. I'm proud to say I'm Viking.
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