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Latta is one of the best in the area. That's not saying a lot to be entirely honest. It has some genuinely good teachers. Though they are few and far between.
It has one of the best environments around the Oklahoma area. The staff are always pushing students to better them and to achieve their goals.
The teachers always try to find a way to help their students succeed. The facilities are old but well kept.
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I go to school at Latta and i Love it, it is fun and has amazing food i love the teachers and administration Latta if you read this i love yall more than anything💕💕💕💕💕💕💕❤♥
This school is not very diverse and not very welcoming to new ideas that could benefit the school. It has been run the same way for almost 100 years after I graduate. Where it does well is their academics, and their school regulated organizations. Unless you are in an organization, your high school experience is not that enjoyable.
Latta school offers a diverse academic as well as sports orientated environment. It has various clubs to join..... DECA, FCCLA, FHA, 4H, Academic bowl, competitive music ,and a variety of State winning athletic programs. The staff is caring and dedicated. I've had 3 children graduate from Latta. they now have there children attending. I can not recommend a better school then this.
Latta Public School prioritizes each student. The school understands the overall mission to empower each student in the career of their choice. The teachers are passionate in pursuit of teaching their students material needed to succeed, not only in our subject matter, but also in character.
A little over 10 months ago I moved to Pontotoc county and started attending Latta High School. I was a Jr at the time and only knew a handful of people. The teachers and staff are very friendly and thrive to create relationships with their students. The students are great kids but since it is a small scool there's alot of disclusion amount friend groups unless you are an athlete. The athletic teams are great and the whole school does so much to support the players! They love to inspire one another and see the school succeed. The academics are challenging but not too much to handle. You can always find a teacher more willing too help you, plus there's always before and after tutoring sessions. Overall my experience at Latta was great and I would recommend this school to anyone seeking a school focused on athletic teams and a great education.
Latta High School is an extremely tight-knit community. Everyone knows everyone. Most students are kids and grandchildren of Latta graduates. My entire family has gone to Latta. Most of the teachers have known me since I was in diapers. The faculty at Latta is amazing. You could go to any teacher with any problems and they would help you with everything they had.
We are a small school so most of the students are involved in a couple of different teams and organizations. The best part about being a small school is that everyone supports each other. We continually challenge one another to be our best. Latta is only school I would ever want to go to and, should I become a teacher, Latta would be the only school I would want to teach at.
Go Panthers!
Very easy to navigate. Soon after creating my account, I began selecting schools, and by the next day already started receiving information. Makes the stressful search a lot simpler.
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