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Lassen Union High School District Reviews

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Lassen High is a unique school, mostly because of how rural it is. Most of the teachers were raised in Susanville and attended Lassen High themselves. Therefore, they know a majority of students and student's families personally. This leads to a lot of bias in student teacher relationships. A lot of teachers already have an (often wrong and unjust) preconception of who students are because of what gossip has been spread around town pertaining to them or their family. This is the same for students. Everyone has the same group of friends they have gone to school with their whole lives. New comers who transfer to our school are often not accepted. They are ridiculed and ostracized to the point of attending charter school. While this is not the case for all new students, it is seen more often then it should. However, our school does have a silver lining. We truly are a small community where everyone knows everyone. If you focus on the good you see that we are a family of sorts.
I love the teachers, especially Mr. Vincent and Mr. Ernaga. While they are my favorites almost all of the teachers there are good. I believe that one of our biggest problems as a school is school culture. There is a lot of nagativaty on the campus, some bullying, and a bit of a not friendly atmosphere.
I went to school here for four years, i had some amazing English teachers and science teachers. But the math department is not as good, i feel i was let down academically in the math department and it definitely is still affecting me in college. However, the office staff and counseling departments were always welcoming and ready to help students.
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My experience at Lassen High School was really good overall. A couple of things I would change, however, are the amount of sports offered and the amount of foreign languages offered. There are very few spots offered and there were a few that many students wanted the chance to try but couldn't due to the lack of options. The other thing is languages; most universities in California require two years of a foreign languages and Lassen only offers Spanish. It would be better if there were more so people had the option to learn a language they actually wanted to learn instead of being forced to learn one even if they don't want to for the sole purpose of being accepted to a specific school.
I went to this school earlier this year and I found that thier grading system is the worst and teachers don't explain things very well. This school is not very open nor do they express any other culture or race than American and white.
I personally have had really good experiences with teachers at Lassen High. Class wise though, there is a really small selection of AP and Honors classes available to take. Some of the facilities are really outdated and could use an upgrade. College readiness is not handed to you but resources are available if you personally seek them out. The sports teams overall do well.
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