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Las Virgenes Unified School District Reviews

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My experience in the Las Virgenes Unified School District involved an excellent education that well-prepared me for my future college endeavors. The teachers were insightful, organized, and encouraging. The student environment was engaging and motivating. I would like to see more teacher/student involvement and communication inside and outside the classroom to foster better relationships and mentors that students can rely on.
Extremely well run, caring teachers, nice kids. Getting to speak with a teacher or a counselor was really easy, it was very apparent that the kids needs came first. I wish there was a better pool for the athletes though.
I liked the education. The majority of my teachers did a great job. I always felt included in the classroom and received the help I needed. The teachers were very supportive and always encouraged me to do better. The teacher that had the most impact on my education was my investments teacher. I felt that class most prepared me for college and career readiness. My overall experience was great. I especially enjoyed the sports a lot. I wrestled all four years and enjoyed every second of it. The coaches were great and helped grow as a person by encouraging our team to do well both educationally and physically. That encouragement pushed me to do better and I ended up winning at my weight class twice in the League Finals. I also pushed myself academically and graduated with a 3.84 GPA. The only thing I wish I could improve is having more extracurricular activities. I participated in culinary for two years which was great, but I wish there were more trade skills offered.
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I went to Agoura High which offers the International Baccalaureate Diploma program. Although I Loved the IB program I wish it had more higher level stem classes for those of us pursuing engineering. I felt like we were at a little bit of a disadvantage.
Being in this district for my four years of high school, I have overall had an amazing experience. This district wants the best for their students and overall makes the right decisions. The one thing I would change is having more input from students. Students have the right to speak up for what they feel should be said towards their education and the district should take that into account.
Great district. The staff is helpful, friendly, and responsible. The district puts a lot of effort into giving the students the best educational opportunities.
I have enjoyed my experience so far in the Las Virgenes Unified School District. The teachers I have had are caring and involved, as well as thorough in their teachings. The aspects of the school such as the Academics and the Elective programs are also excellent. However, there are things that the school district could improve upon; the way that they present public service announcements can be ineffective.
I went to Calabasas High School. Decent school I guess, fairly clean for a public school and pretty good resources in which to learn. However many teachers lack experience in teaching and aren't interested in engaging students. Food sucks nothing to eat. You have to go off campus to get anything decent. However it's always a mad rush to get off campus. So good luck getting back to class on time. That's the other thing. Not a whole lot of motivation to go to class. Lectures are meaningless and you can do most work online before class even begins. Nonetheless, I had a lot of fun at this school and made some life long friends. So it was worth it in that case.
Unfortunately, the district is a sham. We thought it was one of the best until we looked into it more. The success numbers presented to the public are misleading. Only after we removed our boys from the district did we realize how behind they really were. Replace the superintendent and his staff -- totally clueless. I only wished we would have done our homework before putting our boys in the district.
The teachers there are really open minded and it is really fun learning in this district. All classrooms have Smartboards a beamer and an Elmo.
I liked that there is always something going on, and faculty and parents are always working hard to make sure that the students are getting the best opportunities available.
LVUSD definitely has some problems, but overall it's a great place to learn. Administration can be clueless and overly cautious especially when it comes to administrators trying to protect their reputations. Most changes are superficial and symbolic. The best part of the district is the teachers. I have been in this school district for eight years and have never encountered a teacher who I did not connect with on some level. Teachers have great relationships with their students and one another which makes people want to go to class and do well. The staff truly grasps the student-teacher relationship in that teachers speak honestly with students about the flaws of the education system, but they do not share so much that the relationship becomes overly personal.
Campuses are clean and well kept for the most part. The janitorial staff at all of the school are so nice and hard working. Some buildings are run down but not in anyway that impedes safety or learning.
I had a great experience with LVUSD. I permitted into the district and have had no problem excelling in all aspects throughout my academic career.
Las Virgenes holds the students' well-being to a very high standard and makes sure to create a welcoming, motivated, and safe learning environment for all walks of life.
I came out of the LA unified school district into LVUSD. I love it! Due to the increased funding of this district (higher property taxes and all), the student experience is really improved. All students are offered a laptop, the school is always well maintained and nice looking, and the students have a voice. Also, the teachers here, at my school at the very least, really seem to care about their students. They are people before being teachers, and the smaller class sizes really help us as students when it comes to getting to know our teachers. In summation, the increased funding and the samller size of the district greatly imporves the student and teacher experience.
I love it here. The teachers care, the campus is kept clean and organized, and they put the students first!
The academics at CHS are actually very good. It depends on the classes you take and how hard you try. The teachers are overall pretty good, some better than others. However, I personally really dislike the school on a social level. If you care about things other than cars, clothes, and TV shows, then you will probably be miserable. It's not that the people there are bad. They're actually overall very decent and nothing like the exaggerations in films like 'Mean Girls.' It's just, everyone there lacks any passion. There's absolutely zero diversity. Everyone dresses the same, acts the same, has the same interests. If you are a student, or have a child who has a passionate interest in anything, you should try instead to find them a magnet school, because trust me, they'll be miserable at CHS too.
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While LVUSD has many problems that plague many school districts, ultimately it provides average to above average resources. There are some problems with unchecked administrators and faculty.
My experience is stressful, academics are challenging, but prepare you for college very well. There is little to no diversity in any AP or Honors classes which disappoints me. Most teachers are there to help you, and some are very difficult to deal with. There are lots of clubs to be apart of and join so theres a place for every student. The administration can also be difficult to deal with more times than not. There is an extreme amount of parent involvement which is nice to see, and there is a substantial amount of resources available to students. However, even though the district has a decent amount of resources, the facilities at some of the schools are appalling. Sports in this district do fairly well, however a lot of the money goes to them instead of facilities. Overall, the district is great, but there are some things they can work on.
Las Virgenes school district was the perfect place for me to be in preparation for college. I went to Luton Hill elementary, AE Wright middle school and Agoura High School. Each of these schools had early study periods and teacher were there for any help needed. Free tutoring was a plus too. My parents went to Las Virgenes Schools and wanted their children to attend also. I will definitely have the Las Virgenes school district in mind for the future when I start a family.
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