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The schools need renovation. But I love my high school and the administration and teachers are awesome.
There are a lot of good teachers in this school district that help students greatly. There are also many good sports programs. Something I would like to see improved is the amount of testing. I think there is too many tests given to students that are not necessary and that time could be better used.
My experience with las cruces public schools was great. My school (centennial) had a huge diversity of students and the school district provided teachers and/or recourses to students with specific needs. Overall it was good but my only complaint would be the school lunches. They met the requirements for the amount of vegetables, protein, carbs, etc but it did not looks appealing most of the time.
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They help you learn new material and be able to be ready for the real world by the time you finish high school.
I love being a student in the Las Cruces Public Schools district it has given me so many opportunities to grow and to help me pursue my education on becoming a engineer at nmsu. What I like about Las Cruces Public Schools is that there are so many amazing teacher to help you in anything if it's for college or even when your grades are slipping also being really sick and they help you catchup and not fall behind. What I would like in Las Cruces Public Schools is there security I feel like all schools should have safey measures like how doors should automatically lock for the students safey and out of harms way. I also strongly believe that the academy enisative should have been properly developed before implicating it in the Public school.
I've had a really great high school experience at LCPS. There's many resources and people that ensure you will succeed.
Great teachers at Arrowhead Park! They always took their time to make sure I, and many other students, understood each part of the material.
I went to Mayfield from 2013-17 And was very impressed with the club's and sports, but little was done about the teaching. The teachers were great, but not valued by the district. Stan Rounds was disliked by many. The science department also needs to be funded more to give the students a better opportunity in success in college to be better prepared and to sincerely find interest in the technical sciences.
It was interesting growing up with a lot of the same people and some new ones along the way. Everyone seems to know a handful of others pretty well throughout all the high schools at least.
I moved here my junior year from California and it was a big change for me because i had to make all new friends and had to adapt to a totally new environment. This school district helped me adapt easily and was very welcoming. The schools in this district really strive to better themselves and the students enrolled.
LCPS has provided basic opportunities for my child by following curriculum dictated by the state. Testing has been a main focus but never did get advice about deadlines for ACT or scholarship info. I feel that guidance for college preparidness is lacking. The counsel for my son during his senior year only covered basic information. When I began inquiring about college in my son's junior year I never did get an appointment set for a meeting.
I would like to see more funding for clubs and more recognition of clubs. I would like to see them offer better food in the cafeteria. Many of the teachers are amazing, and I would love to see those teachers get more recognition.
They overall have great schools and the teachers are over all very helpful. It is a great school district.
The diversity, the vibe, the new experience and especially support have all been reasons to love Las Cruces.
They helped me when I came to this country with many opportunities to learn many new things and with programs that helped me get adapted with the language and the new environment.
Las Cruces Public Schools (LCPS) is wonderful institution of learning. My son excelled as a student at LCPS.
Las Cruces Public Schools is an alright school district. Teachers are fairly nice, clubs and activities are diverse. The food served in las cruces public schools is awful. The community within the school is very diverse. Although, I did not feel college ready when I graduated.
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I would like to change a little the way some teachers work, do not listen to children or do not pay attention, and some children have been bulling other children without the teachers realize. And from some teachers who have been rude to the way we talk to children, I think we should give children respect to teach them.
Im from el paso texas and i recently moved to las cruces to start at NMSU. I really didnt like much abot elmpaso because even though its a big city, it still boring. Theres not much things to do over there. When i moved here i noticed that las cruces is a smaller coty than el paso so i believ that i gong to be even worst. I dont know much around but i like to go out and get lost to see whats around. Im hoping to find something to do on my free time. Im pretty sure that ill be stuck most of the times with homework so im not to worried about what theres is to do here in las cruces. But over all i really like it. Everybody here is really nice, they hold the door open for you, they say thank you and you're welcome, everybody has manners. So far im really liking it here but i hope to discover alittle bit more of this city
I liked the Las Cruces public school system because they worked extremely hard to accommodate any educational needs that I may have had, and worked their tails off to make sure everything worked out every year. There were naturally a few problems with the school budget that ended up cutting many of the classes and creating a few inconveniences, but those are unavoidable in an area with low funding for the school system.
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