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I made life long friends there! I had a good public experience here. There was drama and issues within the students and teachers. But that's almost everywhere.
I moved to larue county in 4th grade and have had an extremely positive expirience ever since. Class sizes are average to small and well instructed. Staff truly seems invested and caring towards the students needs and success. Discipline is determined very fairly and appropriately administered.
I thoroughly enjoyed going to this school. The teachers were amazing, funny and really great overall. Each one took time to care about each student and his/her needs. The workload was easily manageable and if you missed its due date you could always make it up later. This school does a great job and preparing you for the world of college and life skills.
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Larue County Schools is a very good district. I always learn, and I feel like I get a education. For the most part, I feel safe and comfortable.
It was pretty nice. I've been to other high schools and something just pulls me back. Teachers are okay and it seems like lchs always scores high so I won't question it. The facility kinda is a downer.
Larue County Public Schools have several advantages and disadvantages. On the bright side of things, our school has several wonderful teachers who truly touch the lives of the students walking though their halls, and the environment is a very safe and small-town vibe inside the school. Furthermore, our school has had several tragedies over the past couple of years and has done a phenomenal job of bouncing back from them. But our school also has downfalls, including limited resources for advanced students, offering only 6 advanced placement courses throughout the entire four years and no IB opportunities. Our school has also had its fair share of rotten tomatoes from faculty to students who have tarnished our good qualities. Overall, I would rank our school just above average with its fair share of outstanding and poor attributes and people.
It's a really small town so you shouldn't have extremely high expectations. But the Larue County has an amazing teaching staff and you can tell they really care about their students.
I am a Hodgenville native and LaRue County High School is where grew up. I loved school! Teachers were easy to work with and worked to see you succeed! I was involved in many extracurricular activities including choir, student council, pep club, yearbook staff, etc. and I felt like family with those that were my peers and even superiors.
LARUE County Public Schools was a decent place to attend with friendly teachers and the excitement of a majority of peers in their wishes to excel. However, the student body as a whole is a different story. Students at the high school and even the middle school create deep divides in the "cliques" they make up and many of the students are mean to other groups of fellow peers. They do not support each other and even though I was once a member of a "clique", even the ones that I figured would help out with school work when I needed help succeeding weren't as willing to help. If the school could break those divides, the public system would work much better and I believe GPA and test scores would greatly improve.
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