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what i liked about Laredo Independent School District is that they have a lot of activities and school events that are good for gaining learning experience and also fun to be with friends. what i don't like of the district is the food they choose for us to eat because some of the food they do it repeatedly in a daily basis but i would like a change in school.
Overall my experience with Laredo United Independent School District was vey positive, the schools were all very clean and well staffed. I would only like to see a change in the cafeteria menu, I believe that it is better for students to eat foods that might be just a little bit less healthy than for them not to eat at all during school. This is how it was when was a student for this district, some of the students would not eat because of the poor taste in the food, myself included.
Laredo independent school district has made me grow into the well educated lady I am today. They inspire students to go beyond their goals and academics. An outstanding school district as well as being a safe one for all students.
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Being a part of this district was honestly a blessing. It complied with students who don't have enough money to buy their own books, their own lunch, and their own classes. We know how other districts both private and public would be challenge when it came to money. We were able to think with a full stomach while studying with free books that were reused by past students in that same district and grade level. It was an experience that made me feel thankful and grateful.
I’m a student at J.W. Nixon’s High School and the buildings there are legit amazing that’s something I would never change from my school but on the other hand the district it’s just poor academically I would change all the administration and the food they provide to us, it’s just disgusting for sometimes being rotten and in my opinion that should be reported.
The Laredo Independent School District Is a Student oriented district that always puts students learning first. It is a great educational environment in Laredo and one of the safest. The faculty is always heart warming and I'm proud to call myself a student in this amazing district.
What I liked about LISD was that the teachers who worked there would always be there for you and tha principal as well. Whenever you needed something she was always there to help. I really wouldn't like anything to change because everything was awesome!
I didnt like this district because I saw major differences being from another district in San Antonio. The major difference is the money part and now having books for each student like I did I San Antonio. The books in Laredo were in poor condition and staff didn’t seem to care. The other difference is the teachers and staff not communicating and connected with the student in Laredo. They didn’t seem to bother or seem interested in what they were teaching. In one class a teacher was being more like a friend then a teacher and said she “gets paid to only babysit and sit all day, it’s the easiest thing”. She never gave us work only in the beginning on the semester then slowly just made us do nothing. I would like to learn and able to do something than waste my time. The principal and staff were really rude and didnt seem like they knew what they were doing.
From being in elementary, middle ,and high school have given me the best education that i have ever had
It is a great environment with plenty of communication. It is above and beyond in all aspects such as academics, clubs & organizations, sports, safety and even parent involvement. Overall I have had a wonderful and unforgettable experience with Laredo Independent School District.
It is a public school in a bordertown. It is one of the district's with a lot of potential if it just had more funding. I loved all of my four years there, and being able to part of the Vidal M.Treviño magnet too. It has made me a much better and richer person. People who visit Laredo will notice it's a really special place with a lot of heart.
LISD is a very great district that provides many educational benefits and exciting clubs for all students. LISD hosts amazing activities for the schools and for the public as well. LISD has the top scores in academics and the teachers are teaching us students really well. For LISD, there are many student and parent volunteers for several school activities, such as clubs, sports and fundraisers.
It’s a great school district to be on. Teachers , and administrators make the best to make us have a great future.
As a student of the Laredo Independent School District, I can confidently say that my school experience has been a great one. Being that I will graduate in a few months, I feel completely ready for college, and any obstacles that come my way.
It's nothing special. I'm just grateful to graduate this year and start my path to my future career.
I have been a student here for a year and a half. Throughout my stay here, I easily recognized the lack of ambition within my classroom peers. Most of my days were spent doing book work with no direction upheaveled to our aid. About half the class in all my classes wouldn't do any work simply because they felt school was a waste of time when it should be valued much more considering it's the foundation we need to succeed in adulthood for the most part. Most of the class work was dated back to things that were taught in middle school. Teachers failed to challenge any of their students and didn't really care whether they passed or not as long as they showed up it was fine. They also graded dress code, which should have nothing to do with mental capacity. I think they did this to fill up the zeros so it wouldn't look so bad. They need a better grading system and more one on one time with students who are falling behind.
I like being a student in LISD, all the high schools have so much pride for their own school. The administration in my school is amazing and you can talk to them without hesitation. I would say the counselors are the best in the schools.
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Laredo independent school district understands that not everyone can be completely satisfied. Nevertheless, they try their hardest to make parents, students, and faculty members feel safe. Their academic programs have achieved great success and continue to embrace the ever changing education policies. Although, they understand that every day a new problem might occur, they manage to stay on track. They follow rules and guidelines to further students education.
In my educational years for LISD, it is an amazing district in Laredo. We have many great administrators and great principals in our school. They guide us to achieve higher and improve our academic knowledge. Our teachers and staff have always taught us how to push us further more in the future to pursue our dreams.
I really enjoyed the teachers and principals of my school and how they supported and helped out the students.
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