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Needs more parent involvement. Faculty and staff are all very friendly. Every one cares about a student's success and tries to help out everyone in many ways.
i was one of the students from Martin high school and let me tell you i had a blast throughout the years
I only attended Nixon because there was no need to change my high school, plus my sister attended here so there's that. I don't dislike Nixon I just don't have school pride so nixon isn't a terrific or terrible place. There isn't anything I personally would change about nixon since everything seems fine. Just that I think more money or at least more support should be given to clubs or extracurricular classes like the film club society.
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I would give it a higher ranking; however, educationally, it's the weakest spot. As well, restrooms are terrible in the high school and middle school levels.
Laredo Independence School District is one of the most unique districts I’ve experience. I love that they are different variations of clubs that you can join and feel safe in, the teachers are very charming and understanding of the students. My one concern is the restrooms especially the ones in United South High School, the restrooms are not well take care of, and are the worst restrooms I’ve seen from this district.
Up until high school I had not experienced being part of LISD I will admit I was afraid at first seeing that many people would be little the district however, I was truly impressed that I have found a home alongside the faculty and staff!
I was enrolled in a middle school and high school of this district, and I rate them as very good, I can tell that I had my bad and good experiences with these schools, I guess I can't complain after all hahaha
Overall, it is a good school district that seeks to give its students the best education possible and prepare them as they move on to higher education.
I like how close people in charge of schools are.I also like how people in charge of the different areas are and they try to give every club a balanced amount.
There are many faculty members that put effort into their jobs and care for the student's future. There also many opportunities that the students can explore in a variety of fields and activities.
The food. They should give more fruit. Please give something else that isn't milk. Please I beg you. Many people don't even drink the milk.
I really liked the diverse set of personalities I saw through different schools. I liked the opportunities that LISD provided its students. I believe that some teachers made it difficult for students to learn. Teachers need to learn the professionalism, and although they were some amazing teachers that impacted my life. There was teachers why intentionally tried to lower my grade to affect my GPA. The level of technology used in UISD and LISD is greatly different. Overall, I am proud of the school I attend and would like to contribute back to my community one day.
The things that I like about this district is the diversity of expression one can have. There not much restrictions when it comes to they type of clothing that we can wear, and that makes it more enjoyable and comfortable to be in when in a place that you can spend almost a whole day in. The arts in the district are one of the best that I’ve seen they have teachers that are actually passionate of their jobs and they want to help their students to become someone grater than themselves and that is something that should be greatly appreciated. Although, like anything in life, it is not perfect. There are also me some staff that don’t quite like what they do. I’ve been in multiple LISD establishments, and there’s always some people that, just don’t enjoy what the do, and maybe they know this but no one is doing anything to change this. LISD is almost like any other district, it’s just it’s people that makes it stand out and makes it so special for many.
There are some amazing teachers, and some of the facilities are great. Some of the administration tend to ignore key issues in the district. It usually takes a while before the board decides to take action on said issues. The sport teams usually tend to get priority before the arts despite the arts , more specifically the music departments, being amazing.
Our school district is allowed to discriminate towards individuals based on sexual orientation because there is nothing in our policy that says its's not allowed. We live in a mainly Hispanic city so we have limited diversity. Every single one of our high schools has an early college program which is great. We have over five blue ribbon schools in our district which is great. Parents are not really asked to be involved in many school events unless it involves them paying for some sort of fund raisers. Campus security is not the greatest in most high school campus because there are problems with drugs and violence that rarely get dealt with
There are so many things I really love about my Lisd district like the way we view each other as family. My district has taught me so much Regarding so many topics. They have helped shape me into the person I am today due to their constant support and help. I have been pet of my district from my elementary years all the way up to my high school years and I plan on continuing that saga until the day I graduate. Even overall the great and amazing things they’ve done for me and my peers there are a few adjustments they can make. Even then appreciate and cherish my district dearly.
It is a good community of teachers and students that help each other out. It is pretty good in academics and has a few resources for its students.
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The district has many opportunities to help their students prepare for a future career. The magnets are very successful. The band programs are amazing. The sports are on point. The communication with the students/ parents with the teachers is very good. The safety is not the best due to the lack of patrolling securities. Many students easily skip school just by walking out the main entrance.
The fact that this district continued on with their roots. Laredo is a bordertown which borders Mexico, and I believe that it is important to stick to our native cultures.
I would like to assume every school district is amazing, however LISD is changing lives. With LISD a student could graduate with collage basics done. For example, i myself got my welding certificate as a junior in high school! For that i will forever greatful.
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