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Laramie County School District No. 1 Reviews

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Laramie County School District No. 1 is a very good environment for grades k-12. The schools are great, teachers are great. However, I would like to see less half days and days off and shorter breaks so we don't have to be in school as long.
LCSD1 does not seem to care about education, they are more into showing off their technology. There are no resources available for those who need extra help. The entire state is run by those who really don't seem to care about education.
A good school all around. The Superintendent could be more in touch with the reality of the classroom but overall they are looking out for the good of the students which is what is most important
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I liked going to high school with Laramie County School District No. 1 because they gave me the best high school experience. They made sure I was ready for college and the teachers they had were amazing. One thing I wish they would change is adding more classes that would cover loans, mortgages and other outside things that are geared more towards the life and looking beyond school.
There are a ton of opportunities to take a wide variety of classes. The phone policy is lax, which is nice, but the dress code is also very lax, which isn’t as nice. I can kinda see why though, since for about 7 months of the school year it’s too cold to actually wear anything but a heavy jacket. There isn’t a dress code for the teachers, but they’re mostly very professional. The lunches aren’t amazing, but you can get through them. The policy for return work is amazing and I love it.
Overall its been a good education, but it is what you make it. The District leadership and school board could use some new life breathed into it
I was very fortunate to receive an education from a district that offers many opportunities including academic, vocational, and athletic.
Wyoming is full of wonderful people, the students and faculty at my school are no exception. Our student body is generally kind and inclusive. Most of our teachers love their students and do a fantastic job of educating us. However, there is so much standardized testing in our district that it sometimes stifles our teachers. They are forced to teach a test as opposed to the subject that they love. If our teachers had more freedom, then our classes would be so much more engaging.
I like that the school district includes all students in its activities, however I would like to see a more competitive sports program. Letting all students be on a team is great, but if they had tryouts and the students had to make the team based on their abilities, I think it would create a more advanced program.
I attended Cheyenne East High school for my junior and senior year of high school. While I was there I found myself to be pushed and challenged academically which I appreciated. I was able to take a full course load included a multitude of AP classes as well as study for AP exams outside of the ones I was already taking for class. I also became involved in my student government on campus and was the Senior Class president. I thought it was great that even though I was a newer student on campus I was still given these opportunities. I also was apart of the debate team my senior year and this was a great opportunity to meet new people and learn new skills. I loved my teachers at the high school- I felt they respected my needs as a student. I feel my high school prepared for the college I am now at.
They provided an ability to attend higher level classes since 6th grade. As well as the ability to be aware of scholarships for Wyoming colleges.
Some of the teachers are really duds, but the ones who are great are AMAZING. I graduated from East and I had so many amazing teachers who changed my life. I still keep in touch with a few.
Academically, Central High is a great school with good resources teachers who are involved and help you personally for the future. Sports and Clubs represent our school and are great to be involved in. Staff other than teachers are friendly and the facilities are well maintained. What I feel could be better is student culture. As it feels there more hostility than usual between certain grade levels. The food is not the best either as I would much rather have snacks they provide than the food they serve. Overall, a great academic environment and a very good school.
Overall, Laramie County School District #1 has given me a good school experience. I feel as though I have received an education that has pushed my limits and me to learn more than I would have expected to. One change I would like to see is not only more college readiness, but more everyday life outside of high school knowledge. I would like more knowledge on bills and checkbooks and credit cards and such.
the teachers were fantastic the only problems were the food and how dangerous it was with snow days ther should have been a lot more
I enjoyed my learning experience with Laramie County School District No. 1. I wish to further my education to obtain my dream job. Also I appreciate that as a student in high school, learning what the world expects out of us. Learning how to balance a check book, how to create a resume, or even filling out scholarships. However, I wish this district was more open to the art department and not just all about sports and competition.
I absolutely love the teachers at my high school, and my junior high and elementary schools before that. They pay attention, helping me with every little thing I've ever needed. Certain classrooms are my safe zones; if I have issues at work or home I can bring them to my teachers without being shamed. However, the counselors and principals are generally shameful of students suffering from any sort of outside situation. If a student is not an athlete or involved in speech, they are ignored. I feel as if the people meant to protect me and help me to graduate often want my name on a slip of paper. The teachers do their best, but they can not fix everything.
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It's a small town feeling where everyone knows everyone. There is a lot of one-on-one and great opportunities for students of all types.
It is alright for the district.they can help out with everything. The can get a lot of experience in the district.
My overall school experience has been very good. I have enjoyed most of my teachers. Most teachers take the time to make sure that I have a good understanding of concepts and if not are willing to take the time outside of class to make sure I have a better understanding.
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