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It is a school where you can meet lifelong friends, and some of the teachers truly care about the students which makes it much easier to succeed. One thing that I did not like about the school and that I would like to see change is that they locked the bathrooms a lot during the school day to prevent things from happening in them, but it prevents people who need to use the restroom or girls who need to use feminine products from doing those things.
I like that the LaPorte High School has so many clubs and academic events that can be participated in, such as Academic Decathlon, Envirothon, Spell Bowl, Quiz Bowl, Academic Superbowl, and many others. The teachers that run them are very enthusiastic and encourage good performance. Some things that I would like to see change are more recognition of achievements from both academic and sport events in the community, this would help to boost moral and support our students.
My overall experience at my high school has been alright. It is different for everyone. The kids who try and take more advanced classes will see the toughness of those classes. Those who don't care about classes will say this high school was easy. The more you try, the better the outcome will be for trying to attend college. I wish that there wasn't so many english and math required classes. My school needs more career related classes. However, I am glad that my school does dual credit courses.
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This school is very nice. The children, teachers, staff are wonderful! I have learned a lot at this school! There is absolutely no bullying at this school. Overall LPHS is a great school
Good 4 years for High School. Teachers are great, atmosphere is good. Decent size school. Lots of friendly people.
The school corporation greatly has incorporated technology into the classroom. Various clubs and awareness programs show the dedication of the staff and students.
I did not make any friends throughout my time at LaPorte. I was super involved; from being on the Debate team to being President of my class. I was in orchestra all four years of high school as well. I did not like my classmates. The teachers were down to earth and knew what they were talking about.
Great school. Lot of things to do. Has many clubs join. Teachers care about you. And we'll miss when I leave this year after graduating.
Great school. Overall the faculty and teachers are really nice. Some can be really fun to talk to. Others are really laided back about stuff and can make your class experience easy
I have grown up in this small community and this corporation has never failed me or disappointed me. They genuinely care for the students and parents and their involvement.
The corporation is well organized, but their recent choices, especially in a bullying case and the decision of next year’s daily schedule, was not the greatest.
I love La Porte Community School Corporation. From K-12 I have attended. I love this community and all the teachers, principals, staff members that have developed me into the person I am today.
It is a pretty good school but it could use a little bit more creativity. It relies heavily on tests which is not great. Also, some of the teachers are awful; however, most of them are amazing!
It is a very diverse group of students that lives and breaths football. They have a lot of school spirit and many clubs to get involved in.
My three daughters attend LaPorte Community schools. My younger two attend Handley Elementary. The parents are involved. Handley has a excellent PTO. They have resources to help the kids. My oldest daughter attends Boston Middle School. There are many sports, choir, band, and other activities for students to participate in. My oldest has a learning disability. Boston provides all the accommodations in her IEP. Boston is in to community giving. The students participate in food drives, put together packs for the soldiers, and adopt families at Christmas time. Both schools are safe learning environment for my daughters.
I had a wonderful experience attending LaPorte area Schools, i would suggest them to any and everyone
Laporte Community School Corporation has taught me that you don't have to go to a small school to be connected with so many individuals. Through sports, academics, clubs, and other extra-curricular activities, you can meet and explore many different people and cultures.
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LaPorte Community Schools is a great school corporation. Each school strives to help the students succeed.
LaPorte is a wonderful place to live and go to school. The community is small, and everybody helps everybody! We are big into sports and the whole community supports all our athletes! Our downtown area is now being remodeled and is looking better every day. I would recommend living in LaPorte, close to Lake Michigan. Teachers at the high school are more than just teachers, they have become lifelong friends.
La Porte Community School Corporation was a very good district to go to. I went to La Porte High School and my experience was amazing. I enjoyed that the teachers helped you when you asked for it. I also liked how you can do so many extra curricular activities. the food was so delicious, there was so many choices to chose from. I can keep going on and on but that would be a whole essay. Overall I loved that school and I love the memories that I have made.
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