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I enjoyed the culture of Lapeer high school. After the two high schools merged, there was a shift from the town being divided into being one united front. There are many clubs and after school activities ranging from Anime club to quiz bowl. These give students the chance to be involved in something more than just academics at Lapeer, which is incredibly important for students. I enjoyed that every teacher employed was genuinely kind hearted and cared about their students and their lives outside of the walls of the school. However, I disliked how academics were handled. Every teacher i had always had and stated the mentality of " You do not need this for the real world. I am only teaching you this because the state requires it." All my general studies classes were based toward taking a multiple choice test, and then forgetting the information and never using it again.
Lapeer community schools are incredible! They have the responsibility of molding thousands of kids into young adults and they do a great job of that. From academic excellence to athletic excellence Lapeer does not disappoint.
One of the aspects I like about Lapeer Community Schools is the wide variety of clubs and activities students have the opportunity to be involved in. There is something for everyone to try no matter their interests. I also really admire the staff at Lapeer High School because they always keep in mind what is best for the students and make each day enjoyable.
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I have never really had a problem with my school, but maybe that's because I'm pretty lenient and tend to give things the benefit of the doubt, haha. Almost every teacher there has been so nice and passionate about their job and really helped me learn, even if it was a subject I wasn't interested in.
My experience as a student of Lapeer High School has been very positive. Most teachers really care about student success and strive to prepare students for all facets of life. However the schools as a whole could improve their special needs education which in my opinion is very lacking in drive and passion for those students.
Throughout my school experience, I noticed how this school system places money before kids. I've had issues where bullying was not taken seriously, and it did affect my social life for the worse.
Although the schools have some incredible teachers to offer, they were not the majority of teachers, but there were some who prioritized students.
I do have an issue with how they treat students who do not perform well on paper, they have a tendency to forget about students who aren't 3.00 or above, and they have too many programs that require money.
When I first started at Lapeer Community Schools, I was in 6th grade and I was ready to take Algebra 1. Although they were a little concerned, they let me take the class and saw good results. They make good accommodations for students that are ahead or are behind and need help. Things that could change in our district is they could have better food, one day, a friend of mine found a dead caterpillar in her lunch, she asked the lunch ladies about it and they said its not big deal and it happens all the time. That did not make me happy so I stopped eating lunch at school.
I have been in the Lapeer Schools District since I was in sixth grade. The teachers are great and do their absolute best to make sure students succeed. I have built close relationships with a few of my teachers and I would not want to go to school anywhere else.
Stop favoritism with students and listen to what the kids and parents are saying. Bullying seriously needs to stop.
My senior i suffered a major fall and Lapeer was so helpful and accommodating with everything and making sure that I was gonna walk accross that stage which i did. Over all it's a great school and a lot better than what most people give crap for it.
My experience at Lapeer High School overall has been good. I like the education system and how the staff treats students. I have had no problems with Lapeer High School.
Great School with A good atmosphere. Lapeer prepares us for the future, and builds us for college. Attending Lapeer has been the best for me as a person, we're very Competitive in all we do here at Lapeer High.
Overall the community is safe and filled with nice people. We have our fair share of miscreants but for the most part it's a pleasant experience. The education system is one of the best in Michigan with there being AP classes, dual-enrollment, a variety of sports, clubs, and an amazing band program. When the East and West schools combined there were no issues with integrating the students. The teachers are supportive and the students aren't afraid to ask questions.
Teachers care but are over worked. Many AP classes to choose from. The building needs major improvements and text book are limited. The sports complex has just been wonderfully redone now they need coaches worthy of.
The biggest thing that i liked about Lapeer Schools is the teachers and how they treated the students. I didn't make much friends but i was a big teachers pet! I would probably change how they park everyone and the students and how rude they are.
The new combined high school is very crowded compared to when it were two separate high schools. I would like to see improvement in the school classrooms and better facilities for the students. The school hardly has any windows which makes the students feel trapped.
My experience at Lapeer community schools has been excellent. The staff genuinely cares about the students' learning as well as their well being. My school district also gives students many opportunities such as scholarship application work time and intense help with college applications.
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To be honest I'd say i had a pretty good experience in the four years that I attended lapeer county district. The administrators were very kind and did there job diligently. One thing that I would change is the school lunches they are overly priced for what you get, have the time its cold.
My experience with Lapeer schools was overall really nice. I moved here my eighth grade year and then went to Lapeer West when they were still divided. When East and West combined we became One Lapeer, literally. There were no problems with everyone coming together. We became one family that supported one another.
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