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Lansingburgh Central School District Reviews

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I went to Lansingburgh kindergarten through 12th. I found that the teacher's really care about the children's academic success. I have never came across a teacher whose heart wasn't in teaching. The guidance staff were amazing and truly helped me all through middle and high school. I feel that the school board officials and superintendent are a little disconnected from the families, that they see the student body as numbers rather than individuals.
I find that Lansingburgh has a very good special education program, they really go above and beyond to help children with disabilities.

I trust this school so much that my own children attend Lansingburgh school district.
I would like to have the school change the way each student learns. Everyone learns differently and they do not adhere to a lot of their needs.
My experience at lansingburgh has been okay i would say. What i do like about lansingburgh is that they get out at 2:02 and what i would change is the periods and add more clubs and more sports
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I like that the teachers really try to push you and help you become a better person. I wish they would have more parent involvement
I attended the Lansingburgh Central School District my entire educational career. I began kindergarten there, and ended my senior year of high school there. It contained an extremely diverse student population so there wasn't a culture shock when I went to a large university. My main complaint is that a lot of the teachers don't teach. They act as if they are there to be your friend- not your teacher. It also didn't prepare me for college as much as I wish it had.
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