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It is an amazing school with an inviting and inclusive environment. There is zero bullying policy and overall students and faculty are kind. It is in a safe environment and has amazing facilities for sports and other. The only setbacks are its lack of diversity with a vast majority of white students and few colored or ethnic students. Also, drugs are an underlying issue that is trying to be fought with sporadic checks and a police officer in the school. Overall a good school to send your kid for an education.
The teachers are the most caring individuals that love what they do. Teachers, for the most part, are effective in their teaching and empathize with students. Sometimes the administration and make some slip ups, though it typically doesn't have large ramifications. The district overall is very accepting and it is a very close community.
Lansing is super exclusive, especially the arts programs, went to Lansing for 4 years and had an awful experience. Teachers are so lazy, and kids are cruel to one another. 10/10 do not recommend
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I loved the Lansing schools. There were some issues, like all schools, but most of the teachers were amazing. The "new" high school is amazing, it's like being on a college campus!
There are many things that make Lansing a good school, but sadly there is one big downfall. Many of the teachers don’t care to teach, so it’s somewhat of a “learn it yourself” environment.
Being apart of Lansing is being apart of a family. There is nearly no bullying and if there is it is swiftly taken care of. All four years I attended I always felt safe and knew I was learning from qualified faculty.
I have thus far been a student in the Lansing district for 11 years. In these years I have been exposed to many opportunities and have had my horizons broadened by teachers who are very involved in making a connection with their students. Lansing USD 469 has listened to requests made by students and parents over the years I have attended, and has always made very serious attempted to cater to individual students needs and to accommodate their families.
I like the gifted program at Lansing. In addition I find that the debate and forencis classes are amazing and helps with communication skills. I feel that the district lacks higher level classes at the high school level. As well, the district does not do well addressing issues with teachers, especially dealing with teacher who have been reported over and over again for sexual comments made to students.
There is a lot of good to Lansing, and very little bad. The AP classes offered are very rewarding, and make me feel prepared for college. Overall the academics, administration, and facilities are great. The only bad things relate to lack of student culture, but that has more to do with what students are willing to do.
USD469 has been the only school district I’ve known but it’s served me well so far. Some great teachers and LOTS of activities and opportunities.
I am currently a senior at Lansing High School. Personally, I have had a very good experience with Lansing. The new high school building is amazing and really rewarding to be in everyday. I'm really grateful that every student has an iPad. Although sometimes I prefer pen and paper to take notes, the iPads come in really handy in doing homework at home, when I'm busy, I can turn assignments in anytime, and they are a lot lighter than textbooks. There's an amazing fine arts program that grows every year and lots of other sports for both boys and girls to join. I feel that a majority of the teachers are genuine and care about my success. It's nice because I feel like I have personal connections with all of them. Sometimes our rules are more strict and there can be conflict between administration and students but it doesn't interfere with our everyday learning.
Lansing was a great atmosphere for multiple students. However, it was clear to see that their was a select group of kids who got special treatment, preference, and recognition. almost every one of these kids had a parent who was a part of the Lansing teachng staff, the school board, or just had important last names in the community. If you can reach around this special treatment, you will find yourself doing big things however you will not be recognized for it.
Overall our experience has been very good. We are a military family and the district has made if easy for us to get our children applied even after a later move and has worked with us knowing we could be moving again.
This was an alright school. I have been to 14 schools and I believe this was the least open and friendly. I was not welcomed when i moved to this school in the middle of my sophomore year. I think the teachers only care about having passing students and not about teaching students lessons.
The Lansing Unified School District provides a wonderful environment for its students. It excels in sports as well as the arts. The debate and forensics program is an activity that is praised by many people in and outside the school. Students are encouraged to facilitate volunteering projects in our town specifically with our Leadership Program. For example, the Leadership Program put on a Senior Citizens Prom with community nursing homes in our area.
I attended USD 469 from grade 4 through high school. I was amazed at the quality of the teachers, their willingness to assist their students, and the amount of time they would put in after class with me and my fellow students.
Overall I think Lansing has provided me with many tools for my future. They have offered a positive working environment and the teachers often encourage students to look beyond their horizons. Students show a great deal of support and help each other when needed.
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I have gone to Lansing almost my whole life. It is really nice that they have a large range of different AP classes you can take while in high school. They also have recently gotten a new high school that is extremely nice. Every student is assigned an iPad at the beginning of the year and that is what you do the majority of your homework on. Certain classes still use books instead of the iPad. The only thing I would change is the lack of school spirit. I wish that everyone was more excited about going to games and helping to cheer on the lions!
I liked the ability for the students to prosper based on their individual interests, especially through the gifted program. The thing I would most like to see change is the level of acceptance. The Lansing school district is very exclusive and seems as though diversity is discouraged.
We have lots of options for different career paths. I wish we had more AP class options because are stuck with a limited few items.
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