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My daughter attends a STEM acadamy school through the Lansing SD (Dwight Rich School of the Arts). This is her first year in public school. The teachers and staff are great, but the school is grossly underfunded. Teachers provide snacks for students, the classrooms don't have air conditioning, and they use radiators to heat during winter months. The extra curricular activities are fantastic, and the focus is on the arts, which is wonderful! I do worry about the teachers having large classrooms and being easily burnt out, though. My daughter and I have stayed after to help her teacher because she is so overworked.
Being in such a diverse community and being an African American should not be as hard in school as it is outside the campus. I mean yeah I'm getting good education in the many courses I take, but I don't feel like my culture is being taught around and I don't feel as comfortable as I should. I should be able to access more opportunities but our school doesn't reach out to students like they should. They care more about attendance then our education. Our amenities are starting to get better like the sports and bathrooms and books but we can do better.
With be seen as a rough and poor district from the outside causes the students to follow in line with these beliefs. Also, with minimal funding, our education could only go so far.
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There is a lot of diversity among the students. I would like to see more performing arts programs in the school. I would also like to see more life skills classes
They are very diverse. We need better school supplies and new textbooks because the currents are falling apart. We need more tables in each class.
I would like for there to be more class options and I'd like for the environment to be cleaner. The food at the school I went to was terrible. Sometimes it was not fully cooked. The restrooms barley ever have toilet paper or soap, and all of them have a foul smell that lingers from them. The academics are a very low average. I feel like we need more challenging class options.
I as come into new country in USA and live in Lansing, MI. I really like about Lansing school districts is more different culture are coming in and meeting a new people around the worlds. They have different culture that I am interested to learn about other and also learn English in the Lansing school district as in Lansing Eastern High School. Lansing school district is nothing like other schools around the Lansing. They have more different culture and people. I am very happy to see a lot of different people are being friends to each other and as I am one of them. I go to Lansing school district boundaries 5th to 12th grade. What I want to see the change from district or in Eastern high school. The food that they serve are need more better food.
I attend Lansing School District. The diversity in our schools are amazing. There are people from basically every part of the world. I learned about different cultures and got educated about it everyday. The students are amazing. It's just no one gives the students a chance to grow and learn and were always getting cut back on funding because no one wants to give us a chance to thrive.
My experience in this District has even a great one. I’ve been in this district ever since I was 5 years old and the diversity and atmosphere is great to be in.
I really enjoy the different level classes provided for students to take. There is many opportunities to be involved in school events. There are clubs, sports, and activities available.
I like the diversity. I think that the district needs to update all of their computer and electronics for students. Each student needs access to a cpu or a tablet and other districts in the area are ahead of us in this area.
The staff has always been the best. The Teachers are always top notch, and always ready to help and support the students. I have always had good experiences with the Lansing School District. They need to put more money in the schools to fix them up. And better and more suppies and books. And inproved technology
The Lansing Public schools is a very diverse place to acquire and education, not only is it student friendly but the environment is uniquely filled with numerous opportunities to better yourself as an individual and a member of society.
I am liking Everett High school so far! They have a lot of scholarship resources but they don't announce the scholarships and their deadlines,which is what I would like for them to change.
I feel, over the years it has gotten better, until Mrs.Phol had to retire. The principal now is, in a sense "punishing us all'. I mean I love the school building itself. It is a second home for me. I grew up here in the Lansing Area.
I had overall good experience at Lansing Public Schools, the best part of the district is the diversity. Many different cultures in one school, learning from one another.
It was a fun experience being in the school district from kindergarten to 12th grade. Especially K-8. But some of the teachers throughout high school were disappointing. And some of the rules given were ridiculous.
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My experience in the Lansing school district was very hard to go though but I will not trade it for anything else.
Coming from the Lansing Public School district I felt more prepared about life than I did for College. I learned a lot about diversity and the struggles a community can go through.
I attended J.W Sexton High school and I must say, the staff and teachers are incredible! The staff and teachers made my experience at Sexton incredible and memorable. I didn't like how rules weren't enforced at Sexton and students often got away with a lot of unnecessary actions. There isn't much diversity due to Sexton having a bad reputation, however the school is great! The students can be a bit harsh, but many things in life will be! The food is great and they offer a nice variety of options. I would recommend becoming a Sexton Big Red!
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