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Lansing Central School District Reviews

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A small school district that truly cares about their students and their futures. The teachers, faculty, staff and administrators all put tremendous effort into making this a great school district.
I enjoy the size of Lansing School District, because the teachers get to know you and care about all of their students. It is also easy to get extra help from teachers during and after school.
Lansing Central school district is a very good school and happens to be since this year a blue ribbon school.
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This is a very close-knit school. The community is very involved and this helps tremendously with maintaining grades and healthy relationships. I would definitely recommend this district for these reason and the outstanding academic programs. The teachers are very qualified and caring and work hard to make sure every student is succeeding.
Lansing has amazing academic opportunities and helps prepare students for college. Performing arts, music, art and technology are highly supported by the community. Everyone creates an environment of inclusiveness. Most teachers are supportive and knowledgeable in the subject they teach.
Lansing is an amazing school to attend and it won the 2017 National Blue Ribbon School Award by the US Department of Education, Betsy Devos, Secretary of Education with high ranking of college applications.
Lansing is a great school, but because of the small size it lacks a diverse classroom and a wide range of classes to take. The art program is so good, and offers multiple classes with a hands on approach. Athletics are okay, depending on sport. Football is almost extinct, but swimming members are state champions.
Lansing Central Schools district adequately prepares students for continuing their education at a college level. The district provides numerous chances to participate in fun extra- curricular activities from STEAM events to school dances. While the district is not very diverse, students are allowed to share differing opinions and points of view. The teachers at Lansing are remembered many years after the students graduate and always welcome visits from their former students.
Small school in a farm country area. The school gets a reputation from neighboring schools for having all of the "rich kids", but there are a large percentage of students that come from the lower classes too. Some teachers are really amazing, others are just okay, but either way, the school will teach you how to work. The teachers really try to adjust to a student's needs whether he or she is really smart, or struggling. The one thing I don't like about Lansing is that there isn't a strong sense school pride or community unless something tragic or unusual happens. With that being said, none of the schools in this area have a lot of pride or spirit for their school.
I attended Lansing Central School District for all of my education, kindergarten onto high school graduation. I always had good teachers, extremely helpful guidance counselors and high test scores. The school itself is always very clean, and in a nice little town. There are 3 separate schools and each one is great. I attended all three, and loved each one. I was very proud to say that I graduated from Lansing. The only thing I would wish to see change at Lansing is the amount of sports teams. They have been cut multiple times and some opportunities were let down for middle schoolers and underclassmen.
Lansing has been a great place to go to school. It definitely lacks diversity, but the teachers are all very open to talking and interacting with students in the most dynamic way possible. Especially compared to similar-sized schools in the area, Lansing's academics are unparalleled.
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