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L'Anse Creuse Public Schools Reviews

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I enjoy the school spirit. There’s always something going on. I think the teachers in general should be more open to students needs.
L'Anse Creuse is special for one main reason: The Frederick V. Pankow Center. Students from both high schools can take classes here. Classes offered include accelerated math and science courses, and CTE courses that related to the trades.
I really enjoyed my time at L'Anse Creuse high school. I had the opportunity to take many different AP classes and receive college credits that have tremendously helped me get a jump start in college. I also really liked the MST program that I was accepted into as a freshmen. I was able to attend higher level courses offered at another location. The courses and teachers there were amazing, and they were very helpful in preparing me for college level courses.
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L’Anse Creuse High School North is a great place for children to experience more rigerous courses to challenge themselves and to find out what they are really capable of.
As a student who has been within the L’Anse Creuse district since Kindergarden, I have always felt at home. The district has teachers that are always willing to help and encourage student growth.
I enjoyed the fact that the teachers really do care about you, and that you can have a real relationship with the teachers.
I liked L'Anse Creuse High School because of the athletics. I also enjoyed the teachers at the high school. Most the programs and teachers want you to succeed. I think L'Anse Creuse sports could use more funding in the sports and after school programs for what students pay for athletics. I think, the school does a good job of preparing students for college and their AP programs are very helpful with taking rigorous courses while still in high school.
L'Anse Creuse public schools is a great district. They have one of the best staff in any district I have ever been too . They understand and most of all really care about there students success in life. They are always there to help where help is needed no matter what is going on. As for the rest of the district it is truly great the athletic department puts focus on school before sports which is the best thing in the world. All though there are many highlights on this district there are always lows pay to play for any sport is very high. If you wanna play a sport you should hope to have some money saved. If not they try to work with you the best they can but pay to play is truly expensive.
Good atmosphere with good teachers. An excellent place to send your kids to become ready for college or right into the workforce
I think that the school district is a good one overall; students and parents needs are met and the standard of education is high. However, the rules and guidelines implemented within the schools sometimes come off as redundant and unnecessary.
There is nothing exciting about the school. That's why is average. There is also alot of drama at this school and some of the teachers are wild and have no filter.
ive been in the school district for 13 years and I liked when we had seven hours in highschool and early release wednesdays. I wish we had better quality food. I like the staff for the most part. There are a lot of sports offered in the L'anse Creuse district seasonally.
I liked all the teachers I have had. I wish they allowed back packs. I know its a safety concern, but they really help out the students.
L'Anse Creuse is an amazing school district and I feel like i am very lucky to be a part of this community. I am so grateful of the way my teachers have prepared me for y life ahead of High School.
L'Anse Creuse offers students a variety of resources which they are able to utilize to increase their education and high school experience. A main advantage which L'Anse Creuse offers is an Advanced Math, Science, and Technology program which students who strive to challenge themselves throughout their high school career may apply for.
it was a pretty good high school. it helped me prepare for college by offering me honors and AP classes. LCN offered a wide variety of classes, a lot to choose from
I have attended L’Anse Creuse Public Schools my whole life and I am glad to say that i was able to be a part of this community. As i got to high school i did notice some teachers and administrators don’t care as much but overall I had a great experience being a student at LCN.
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Pretty good school district with good scheduling, lots of days off and you get out early. I would like to see them try and upgrade some teaching in the science field at the high school level
I feel like i received a good education in core classes. I wish that more opportunities were advertised, like early college, dual enrollment, and Pankow classes. Overall safe and efficiently run.
I would like to see them change and act when someone is being bullied. Other than that when I was in school they had really good courses to take for your electives. Also I liked when I was in high school how it was required to take at least two years of a language class to graduate.
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