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Lanier County is a safe and fun environment where students can learn and actually be excited for school.Over my last four years at Lanier High, the relationships and experiences I’ve made will last a life time! The teachers and staff are always willing to help and assist you in anyway possible. As long as you put forth the effort and do what is asked of you, there would be no reason anyone should not succeed!
As a recent honor graduate of Lanier County High and as someone who has attended all Lanier County Schools, I have an emotional connection to both the schools and the community. That being said, I can grade them from personal experience. The school culture is not one that promotes excellence in its students and instead opts to ignore underachieving students in favor of the small percentage of overachieving students that it does have. The faculty and staff are great for the honors and dual enrollment students, but the staff left for nonhonors are not staff that encourage academic or behavioral growth.
Very close minded school. Most of the teachers are kind, but you can’t be different here without repercussions or bullying.
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What I like about Lanier County is that the school isn’t too big. You aren’t overwhelmed with so many people as you would be st a 6a school. Something I would like to see change is more people participating in dual enrollment. It is a great opportunity for students.
I grew up in Lanier County. It was much smaller than it is now. The FFA program is small only because students are more worried about social life than learning. The students now are lazy to put much effort in to after school activities that the school and rec department provide.
The town is extremely rural and out-of-the way, so there is not much to do in the town around the school. However, the school itself offers a solid education, and it is homey enough so that you can make a lot of friends very quickly, which is a good thing. Not much in variety of extra curricular courses or activities, but the ones that they do have are tons of fun.
I would like to see the students treated like students instead of best friends of the teachers. Students that are not from the area originally, they will be pushed aside for children who grew up in lanier county.
The teachers build good connections with their students. However, if you want to go on to a university that's worth your money then this school is hardly preparatory.
An okay school, but not very much is done about bullying. Administration is more concerned about dress code than anything else.
This is a very small school which has its limitations and disadvantages, but also has advantages. You are able to develop a good relationship with teachers and it's easy to be involved in multiple extracurricular activities.
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