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There was so much diversity! Different culture of students. I enjoyed my years there and so did my sisters.
I liked a lot of the teachers. I went to Ephrata for most of my school career from elementary through middle school. I completed my education in Cocalico School District. My only grievance with Lancaster county school district was the fact that they took away a lot of the extra curricular activities like field trips and other academic experiences for the students. I feel they invested way too much into the sporting aspect of school and not enough in the actual teaching.
My younger siblings and I were in the school district of Lancaster. I enjoyed my experience and thought the teachers really tried to help. My youngest sibling is attending a different elementary school in the district, one that I did not attend. I am not very pleased with how some teachers talk to the students, and how the help them in the classroom.
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It is a welcoming community, but the faculties could be cleaner and well kept. The staff was cold and unkind on certain campus'. On others, they were kind and helpful to give directions.
My experience as a High School student in the Lancaster school district has been great. I love that there is an excellent learning environment, I feel safe at my school, and I absolutely love the diversity we have. One thing I would like to see improvement on would be the opportunities available for foreign exchanged students. I believe these students need more involvement then just an english speaking class. They need more opportunities to grow as individuals.
The School District of Lancaster has been a great school environment for me as I've learned to break down barriers or diversity and been able to be provided with advanced math classes and great staff. I have encountered some challenges with the schools along the way, but no school district is perfect. However, there are a million ways to be a great school district, and the SDoL has done a brilliant job of opening up doors for students with dozens of opportunities for sports, musical, acting, and more.
I love all the opportunities that we get. If you work hard you can get into an Ivy. But the admistration can be very difficult at times. The food is not good. We have a lot of clubs.
What I love about Lancaster School District is the diversity but I do believe we need to make some changes. Some changes that need to be made are the curriculum, finding teachers in the High Schools who are capable of teaching their appointed classes.
I believe the Lancaster school district is one of the best in the state. I graduated from Lancaster catholic high school and it was one of the best experiences of my life
The School District of Lancaster was a great way of experiencing cultural diversity. Growing up in an area filled with refugees and other non American born people allowed me to really understand the outside world. I loved that I was able to make friends of multiple ethnicity and cultures.
My experience with Lancaster Overall district is spectacular! All the schools I attend and currently go to is a truly amazing experience for learning. At Lancaster , they vaule suecess , respect and , discipline.
School district has a lot of motivating teachers who are their to make their students succeed and to give them confidence that they can do it. What I have experience there is what I can never forget and one of the lesson I learned there is never to give up and only thing I liked to change is that they should give more healthy and tasty lunch and not the same thing everyday.
I like the diversity the student body has. Our students represent many nationalities from all over the world. In essence it has introduced me to reality and prepared me for what life is really about. Whether one is rich, homeless or even a parent already this early in life we come together as students interacting with each other to obtain an education so we all can be successful in life. If I could change one thing it would be to educate the faculty on how to treat all individuals the same no matter their race,religion,or color. Too many times kids are stereotyped based on how they dress,walk, and talk, and are not given a fair chance to succeed!
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