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Lancaster Independent School District Reviews

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I have a son and daughter who are first year students in Lancaster. Things are great and I believe the district offers an atmosphere that enables students to receive an excellent education. There's lots of hometown support for Lancaster's schools and students.
Lancaster high school is a good school. Lancaster high school has great teachers.
Lancaster high school has a college readiness program
My time in Lancaster public schools has been transformative. I came to this district as an unmotivated, average student and will graduate this spring as a confident, college bound, honor student. Students in LISD have limitless educational opportunities and are given all the tools needed for success.
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As a student i have never been or witnessed bullying within school, the students have morals that depict the act of bullying as taboo
I like it up there at Barack and Michelle Obama 9th Grade Campus but they are so strict on everything .
I love my school because they push you to do better and can tell they really want us to succeed . I would change some of the policies like the no phone rule as the real word has become based on technology.
I am a Junior at Lancaster High School ans I have been in LISD since I was in grade school . the first two years of high school were fine but now our school isn’t as great as it used to be .
Although there is some downfalls of attending the Lancaster Independent school district there also is positive outcomes from it. By attending this district I have been able to join amazing programs outside of the school. Also I have been introduced to many different academic skills that I can use and I have started my college journey while still attending high school.
What I liked about Lancaster is that they always tried to prepare us for our college years ahead of us.
When evaluating the quality of public school districts, I personally look at how students with limitations are treated. Those limitations could be academic, linguistic, socioeconomic or anything else commonly seen as detrimental to student success in the class room. This is where Lancaster ISD stands out. Being at-risk doesn’t automatically equal a problem child, or potential failure in Lancaster as opposed to other districts where this segment of the student body are often singled out or neglected in favor of the larger population. The district has fostered an environment where parents and students who may need additional assistance aren’t intimidated or afraid to do so. The results of these actions are shown in many ways. Parents are much more involved across the board, attendance rates have climbed, there are far fewer disciplinary actions than in years past, and the graduation rate is on par with those of larger, wealthier school districts in the Dallas area.
I'm impressed with Lancaster public schools. In only a few years time, they have transformed from being just so-so to having solid academics and transparent leadership, while becoming a model for other districts seeking to strengthen their performance. As a smaller, but growing district, I feel that LISD is underated and deserves more attention than it gets.
Lancaster Independent School Dostrict has allowed me to become a better student who is prepared for college.
My overall experience at Lancaster High School was great. However after being a student for 4 years I have noticed a few things that can be corrected. Like parent involvement for example, I feel that Lancaster should make a bigger effort to look into they're students home life and see if everything is okay at home. But as far as academics and the campus, they're exemplary. Good education, and above average safety measures.
The teachers and staff are actually concerned about the future of their students. One thing i would change in particular would be the budget cuts. The Fine Arts Department is left defenseless throughout the year.
Overall, the district is doing very well. Resources have been allocated to areas that benefit students the most such as additional courses, college prep, special education, and pre-kindergarten education. The district's achievements have been recognized by private and corporate donors who have donated resources to enhance various academic programs. In my neighborhood, we have had parents pull their kids out of charter or private schools to attend LISD schools. Enrollment has continued to increase and LISD is one of the fastest-growing districts in the area.
At Lancaster High School there were alot of teachers willing to help the students with anything that that they needed. The environment was very calming and energetic. The pep rallys and school dances were the best and everyone seemed to just love the school.
Lancaster was the best thing that could have ever happened to me. It inspired me to be great in everything that i do. Lancaster has some the top notch sports programs with even better coaching staffs.
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Lancaster High school is a pretty average school. There are ares that could be worked on but overal it’s a good school.
Lancaster High school has opened up many doors and provided me with many opportunities to do the things I planned to do in the future. With everything that I've learned, I'm positive that I will be successful in life.
I love Lancaster high school. It’s a great place to be at. I live the teachers although they can be better. The learning environment can be a little better and improved. Moving forward I do strongly agree the school dress code there for it keep the children safe . It’s easy to be aware of the surrounding knowing who attends the school and who doesn’t.
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