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Lancaster County School District Reviews

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Some schools could be better. The ones I attended were good and have teachers that support you and your goals after school. The food really needs to get better though.
What I enjoyed about Lancaster School District was the diversity among me and the opportunities available through our local career center. Yet, I would like the see the atmosphere of true care for students change with the ideal that students as a whole come first not just their safety.
I like the teachers a lot and I think maybe helping prepare students for college a little better. Explain how it works and the different degrees are and how it's different from high school.
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The thing I like about the Lancaster county school district is that they really care about every student whether it be elementary, middle or high school students
We recently just moved to the area from another state and I have been thoroughly impressed as a parent! Not to mention that my 2 kids are sooo happy with their new school. The faculty are so kind and the programs are excellent!
Lancaster High School is overall a good school. They have many great teachers. Sports programs and their facilities are also good.
Indian land High is great, however other schools in the district are lacking. The proportion of funding is very uneven as Lancaster high is older and run down and is home to many of the more difficult and delinquent students. One amazing thing about this district however is the chance at wonder duel enrollment programs in which students can complete college courses on USCLs campus while also getting high school credit.
It was an okay experience I wish I was more prepared for college by the time I was a senior.i like to see change some of the course that will helps kids with everyday life and the food could be a lot better.
When I first moved here there were not many people the class sizes were small but now that more people are here the school building is too small I would like to eventually see a bigger highschool
My experience in this school system has been fairly well overall, and though there are some things that need to be worked on and overseen, it's a well maintained school district.
Lancaster County School District is an amazingplace to go to school. Buford High School is a wonderful school that shapes sound bodies and sound minds for all students who attend. This school encourages creativity and spurs personal growth. Their academics, clubs, organizations, and sports, allow for great opportunities to show school spirit or come together and participate as a community. Buford High School is inclusive and accomadates all students from different walks of life. The administrators, teachers, faculty, and staff all do a great job making school a fun place to learn for all students while keeping them in a safe environment. This school has given me many memories, along with preparation for college and an improved skill set with real life capabilities for a career/job in the work force.
I think it would be in the schools best interest to take more charge in the students future plans. As a senior, I don't like seeing people my age not knowing what they want to do next in their life. Part of the problem is the students not taking charge but it should be the School's job to make certain reasourses available.
My experience with the Lancaster Couty District has been amazing. I have love everything about this district, Lancaster High School the school I attend now has the best classes and programs that can help you prepare for your career. The teachers are amazing. They treat your like there own, and they also care about our future. Lancaster county school district teachers want us to be better than them and they have so much faith in us. I just God that I have teachers and administrators like Lancaster.
Considering that I lived in that area for the majority of my life, I must say that I really admired the conviction that some teachers had for the subject the were teaching.
I enjoy attending my school each day; however, I would love to attend a nicer facility. The people, including the teachers, are wonderful. I would only change the building and make it safer.
I enjoyed my years at Lancaster High School. For my senior year I felt like the teachers prepared students for their college experience. The traditions were fun and memorial. I love that they give you a chance to get involved in clubs and organizations. I would recommend them to influence students more to do as much as they can. Many students do not feel the need to get involved in activities because it's not advertised enough at the school.
I enjoyed the academic program at Lancaster County School District. I took several challenging courses which helped me to gain a better understanding of college work load. I also played many sports in high school which enriched my experiences.
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I've been attending Indian Land schools in Lancaster County since kindergarten. I love seeing Indian Land growing but its growing out of the Lancaster School District. Our school is becoming more competitive with sports, while moving up to a higher division. Parents who pay taxes on the school, their money usually goes down into other Lancaster schools, and not helping Indian Land. Lancaster County School District is divided against Indian Land with us on the outside.
I like the education programs and the trips that came along with them. I enjoyed the athletic activities such as football, wrestling, and track. I was a member of a LIFE club where we explored the ways banks and markets work with money. I also did JROTC the first two years of high school. I was a cadet that ranked up to a cadet private.
Lancaster school district provide safety and great education and opportunity for the community. Allows students explore and help unfortunate kids. Gives them a reason to come to school and do good, helps them in anyway possible.
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