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Lancaster Community School District Reviews

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It's a great school. Small and friendly, and everyone always pushes you to try your best. The closy knit communty of Lancaster allows you to know everyone, and with a stident polpolation of 250, its not hard to know everyone.
Lancaster Community Schools are your typical small-town school. They do offer some great opportunities and strive to see their students succeed. The environment is very welcoming and nurturing.
My experience at Lancaster High school was a great experience. Coming from bigger schools, I really adjusted well here in the Lancaster Community School District. I got to have the small town feel, which benefit in many ways. I had the chance to get to know everyone in the school, I had a closer connection with teachers and coaches, it was great for everyone to know your name, and everyone is always so welcoming. So I would rate Lancaster Community School District ten out of ten.
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Lancaster, Wisconsin is one of the best places to raise a family and have your kids receive a quality education. Year after year the high school ranks among the top schools in the state in terms of academics as well as sports. All of the teachers in the district are very knowledgeable in their respective fields and with that knowledge, they help prepare you for college and your adult life better than any district in the area.
I like how almost every student is involved in either art, music, or a sport. Quite a few are even involved in more than just one. Although the involvement is fantastic, I would like to see more opportunities provided for our school.
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