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Excellent teachers and school spirit. The district is very accepting towards LGBTQ+ students and accommodating to most disabilities. Clubs and extracurriculars are in abundance and they having amazing sports teams.
I had a great time at Lancaster. The teachers in every school were great and wanted to see everybody succeed. The only bad part about the school was that many of the students made the school a nightmare to attend.
The district, especially high school, give students several different opportunities to be able to engage in activities in and outside of the school. However, it is not very diverse. They also recently separate ties from Naviance. This is making the college application process much harder, especially with the lack of communication with our in-school counselours.
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my experience at LHS has been nothing but the best. there is something here for everyone and it's full of amazing people and opportunities
I love everything about Lancaster. The teachers are very nice and are very encouraging to pursue your studies and your dreams. They always support you and are always there to help no matter the situation. They are dedicated to their jobs. Lancaster has so many clubs and activities, that I wish I had more time in my day to be a part of them.
Most of the staff is very personable. There was always someone who was willing to help out if needed. A great learning environment, which saw teachers motivating their students to do their best at all times.
Lancaster School District is amazing, I enjoyed my 4 years there tremendously. You can really connect with the teachers there which helps your learning process and makes class more enjoyable to be in. The staff takes tremendous care of the students and is always looking out for our safety as well.
Overall, it was the average high school experience. Most of the teachers are not the nicest, the administrators really only care about good reviews, and are willing to put the students at risk. For example, making us come to school in horrible blizzard-like conditions, lead in the water fountain water, etc. However, I feel like I learned a lot in high school that prepared me for the real world and college.
For me going to Lancaster High school has been one of the most instrumental stages of my life. I was home schooled up to 9th grade and the switch to Lancaster gave me the opportunity to grow and find out who I want to be. Many of the people I met including faculty and teachers have become like a second family to me and I will be sad to leave when I graduate. I am very involved in the Art department especially and can not speak highly enough of the teachers and programs like the arts academy and stage crew. I can't imagine where I would be or even who I would be without the experiences I have had at Lancaster. It has helped so much in my decisions about going into art in college. However I know not all the other kids have had as great an experience as me, I only wish that Lancaster could be more united and give the experience I had to as many people as possible. This is what I wanna try to help do in my last few months of high school!
I came to Lancaster schools in the beginning of middle school. It was much bigger than my old school and everyone, including the staff was very welcoming. Lancaster has a very serious sports programs. I do not mean to brag but we like to win and be the best we can be. Lancaster forms their students to be go getters and to be successful. Lancaster also has plenty of clubs to join so there is a place for every body.
Lancaster is a great environment for students to learn. The academics are excellent and the district offers a variety of electives for each student and what their interested in.
It was an amazing experience. Many great teachers, lots of clubs and sports to choose from. Great education received from them. I would change how many students attend. It is a very large high school. But other than that, an amazing school.
Great school system. Amazing music department. Feels like a family even throughout town-wide debates. One Lancaster!
Teaching staff was very caring. There was some AP courses in the high school however It was frustrating for better students in the elementary level as they seem to be held back. Music is an important component of the district and is supported. They are lacking in preparing kids for the rigors of college.
Lancaster has a great special education department that has helped me through having cancer, stroke, and a heart transplant. The staff and music department is also excellent. I would recommend this school district is a great one for the median home prices in area.
There is so many opportunities offered throughout Lancaster School District from arts, to athletics, to academics and everything in between.
I appreciate how my teachers prepared me for the next chapter in life. The teachers challenged me but also were there to assist whenever needed. The school atmosphere and pride allowed me to enjoy my four years of high school. When I look back I can honestly say I did it all and don’t regret anything. What I would like changed is the outdoor athletic facilities. Compared to our neighboring districts we are falling behind without turf fields. The poor weather conditions makes us lose home games and to either practice indoors or at off campus facilities. Other than that Lancaster High School prepares us to be successful after high school.
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The school is very good, but big. Some kids might feel intimidated and not get involved. I wish there was more "push" or incentives to get kids to participate.
Overall a great school with so many academic, musical and sport opportunities. Being a student athlete, LHS allowed me to thrive both in the classroom and on the field and help me to achieve my dream college, Penn State. If it wasn't for all the support from staff, friends and coaches at Lancaster I wouldn't be where I am today.
Overall it is a very well rounded school. The ability to specialize in academies such as business, technology, and leadership really help to prepare students for a college career. All teachers are more than willing to stay after and are readily available if help is needed. It is a larger public school that ranges in academic challenges. Many honors and AP classes are offered to students who feel they can be pushed further and pursue the challenges. Outside of academics there are many clubs on campus. Sports such as soccer, football, and baseball are very prevalent. Teams are competitive and many times students have to go through rounds of tryouts due to the size of the student body. Additionally, the school has a new music program and actively performs in the community.
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