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Lancaster Central School District Reviews

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Lancaster hosts a lot of spirited school events, but could better prepare students for college and the future.
The teachers are very supportive and show that they care. Also, there is a lot of opportunities to get involved in the school.
Lancaster High School is a great school. I truly feel that there is something for everyone there, over 60 clubs and tons of sports. I also think that almost all of the teachers there are willing to help and want to see you succeed. All school events are run by students and exceed most expectations. It’s just a great community to be apart of and I have realized how lucky I am to be apart of it.
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This school gets students very involved and has something available for everyone. The teachers try to get you ready for college with what they are given. The sports there are great yet still no turf or real nice facilities are there. Overall the school is a great one of the many in wny and anyone would be proud to say they attended Lancaster High School.
I like that the school has a good variety of classes and opportunities for their students. Also, that the seniors get good experiences and exceptions for being seniors. I would like to see changed maybe is the length the construction takes at the schools.
I've had a great experience with Lancaster high school the faculty and staff are really helpful and the teachers want nothing but the best for their students.
Lancaster's teachers we're very helpful throughout my time there. They always made sure to stay after school if students need help. I loved the electives that were offered such as Drama in Film and Creative Writing, they helped me express myself in new ways. Public speaking helped me be more outgoing in crowds, and helped me improve when it comes time to presenting. Academically I liked this school a lot.
Lancaster is a special place. There are so many opportunities to get students involved in clubs, music, or athletics. It is one of the largest schools in Western New York so students are able to interact with so many of their peers. The schooling is great and really prepares you for college. There are different academies at Lancaster to help students get an idea of what career path they may want to choose in life. The academies and AP courses can give students college credit before their first day at college. I'm so lucky to have been able to go to such a great school. The atmosphere is amazing and I've met friends at school that I'm still friends with today. There is a sense of pride with Lancaster and letting people know that you graduated there. Graduating from Lancaster has really prepared me not only for my future education, but also prepared me life beyond high school.
I always felt very welcomed there and prepared for my future. The teachers and administrators are very involved and try to help the students as much as they can to grow. I think safety could be expanded more to protect the students from random people coming in through any doors. There are multiple police on guard all through the day but there could be more precautions to keep our safety protected.
I love living and going to school in the Lancaster Central School District, it's a great community as a whole. The only things I would change about the district schools is how the schools (especially the high school) spends their money, this does not mean that it is wasted but I think it would be more effectively spent if students were allowed to have input on how and for what it is divided.
Lancaster offers a great deal academically and extracurricularly to students. Teachers are involved with students in many aspects. The construction over the past few years has been challenging for students and events.
I loved the culture that is built at Lancaster. It has always felt like home to me. I wouldn't have wanted to spend my 4 years of high school anywhere else. The relationships that I have built with my friends, teachers, and coaches will always stay with me. I am now prepared to take the next step and move on to a new chapter in my life.
I came from another district when I started 9th grade so I was a bit nervous at first.
But everyone was nice and welcoming which made it easier every day.
I made a few close friends with both students and teachers. I hope these relationships will last for years to come.
Lancaster is your typical white suburbia school district. In my class of 500 kids there was maybe 3 black kids. Many of the programs are excellent however. The music problem in particular is one of the best in the state and has extremely high standards.
I love the music department and the academics are very good. They have a strong community and are very spirited. It is a good place to go to high school.
Very good faculty and a wide range of classes for their students. The food is average school food, so not too good. There are many activities and clubs for everyone. Spirit weeks are super fun and everyone gets involved including teachers. The only disappointment I have is with the counseling services. The counselors show a lot of apathy towards their students as they have lots of work to do and not a lot of time for the us. This makes approaching them for issues very difficult. All in all, this district is amazing and I am honored to become an alumni.
Lancaster High School is all about “tradition”. It’s great to go to football games and school events but the school is stuck in it’s own ways. The school doesn’t prepare the students who want to get out of Lancaster after high school and explore the rest of the world. There is absolutely no diversity whatsoever which is not good because many students are more collide-minded about cultures and life than students from other school districts. Students are not challenged enough to be the best they can be, and it shows when kids move on to college.
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Lancaster High is truly a unique place to grow up and spend your high school years. The opportunities and activities here are endless; there's a chance for everyone to find their niche. Whether it be music or athletics, art or technology, there's always something you can find and be apart of. Our school spirit is also something matched by no other school. Our spirit weeks, dress up days, and most importantly the feeling of belonging to something bigger than a high school, a community, a family even, are always very special to be apart of. I always imagine what my life would be like if I went to a different high school. I wouldn't have made lifelong friends through the activities I do at LHS, and I most definitely would not be the same person I have become.
Overall they do it well. I have no major complaints, other than the amount of construction that they're currently doing (2018).
The school is a very nice place. I love the library and spend much time there. The music program at Lancaster is extremely good. The production of the yearly musical is professional. The Mr. Gary M. Lee that runs it is very capable, especially in our choirs. The education in our school is expansive. Many extracurriculars are offered along with many advanced classes, which I mostly take.
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