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I loved how close knit of a family everyone is, lamphere students support each other through anything.
It is an amazing school. The staff genuinely care about the students. Many after school activities available.
I love how they so involved in student success! This is a wonderful district to send your children to. This is a district that is heavily engaged on making sure that all students have a graduation goal and push secondary education! As we all know that is so very important. The staff and teachers here are amazing!
Also this district as a whole is very engaged at making sure the students feel safe in case of an emergency. Every child is taught exactly what to do in all situations. I would recommend all familys to Lamphere district.
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I enjoyed Lamphere schools for all of the diversity that it made available to me alone with the opportunities that t made available to my fellow classemates and I. The thing I would change about Lamphere schools is the amount of the funding that the school receives, with more funding, I believe that Lamphere Schools would be able to change the lives of even more students, by offering them more opportunities than they are already given.
I liked the smaller class sizes, it was easier to get more one on one time with teachers to ask questions and to get clarification on class work and other assignments. I don't really like that most of the sports funding goes to football, I think they should incorporate the band into the sports banquet, if we get our varsity letter for marching band then they should be included.
Grew up in these schools they are my childhood i have had a pleasant experience here its a average school
Very well structured. Teachers go out of there way for the students. The staff is just awesome. Lots of diversity
Decent teachers. Staff is more often than not kind and lenient. Our sport teams are starting to get recognition more specifically soccer and swimming. However, I wish there was more of a variety of classes to choose from.
Lamphere Public Schools put a great deal of effort in preparing me for college. The teachers were ahead of their time and put to use resources such as Moodle and other online websites. It helped me feel more comfortable when they expected us to use these in college.
By being at Lamphere, I have met many people and made lots of friends. From my time being here from tenth grade all the way up to my senior year, I would say it was the best schooling experience that I have had. The teachers are amazing and I can honestly say that they actually care about their students.
Small school, but it's a good school. I graduated in 2012. I think like any school there are good teachers and bad teachers, but for the most part the education you get there is solid. Also, I never really had any problems or serious interactions with drugs there, maybe ran into some kids smoking weed, but no serious drugs. It's a safe school.
I like that it's a very small school so you know everyone, however, I would get new teachers or make sure that the instructors know the material they are teaching because they aren't very good at it.
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