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Lampeter-Strasburg School District Reviews

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Very friendly and efficient teacher base. Teaching staff was always looking out for the best interests of the students and heir safety/well-being.
There are many extracurricular opportunities. These often lead to the formation of friendships that last well beyond high school.
Lampeter Strasburg School District is your typical small town suburbia. Beautiful homes, active parents, farmlands and high achieving students. However, there is a lot of emphasis placed on the high achieving students and little to be done with the low performing students. There is a lack of diversity. The teachers are phenomenal and really care about their students. Much emphasis on sports, unfortunately, the performing arts curriculum is being scaled back. Safety does not seem to be of high importance as they do not have a Security team except for the local law enforcement. This needs cleaned up immediately due to the events happening over the past years. The facility is beautiful as most buildings are new or have expansions that are new.
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Lampeter strasburg is a good school to go to in my opinion, definitely one of the best school in PA. When I first came to L-S without knowing any english, still made some friends, get to know some great teachers and put me on a good starting point. If I really need to pick something that is negative, it has to be the food, lack of varity, taste is not the worst, but definitely not the best, definitely not worth the money. I would suggest pack your lunch or buy pre-made food from the grocery store. Beside that, everything is good.
Lampeter-Strasburg school district is an amazing school to grow up in. As a moderately small school, we have a very good sense of community. Lancaster allows us to have fun activities, like Drive Your Tractor to School Day, Long Johns (a type of donut) for seniors, and an early dismissal to go to the local fair. I feel that the school has well prepared me for college by encouraging a strong worth ethic and pushing me to expand my boundaries.
The Lampeter-Strasburg school district provides an excellent learning environment in the schools where teachers focus on student success. The arts and music and sports are valued greatly in this district, as well as the various clubs and activities that create a wonderful public school experience. The academics are catered to meet every student's need, whether that be enrichment or one-on-one attention. The diversity at Lampeter-Strasburg has increased dramatically over the past several years.
Lampeter Strasburg High School has done everything they’ve needed to do to get me ready for college. Between individual tutoring and active and engaged teachers, you can’t go wrong
The teachers really care about their students and want to see them succeed and make themselves available to help students. The student body is not very connected, that is an area that could be improved.
Lampeter Strasburg is an amazing school. I have gone here my whole life and LS has helped me grow in every area. The support from staff is supper helpful, and teachers and counselors are always available with great information.
L-S is clean and safe, providing fantastic opportunities for parents and students to involve in education and extracurriculars. Areas of the academia and diversity elements can be improved, as well as school culture, to ensure a safe learning environment for all students, in light of interpersonal issues among students.
My experience was very good!! I started at kindergarten and finished up my senior year there. The school is a very close community and is very friendly! The teachers are amazing, and they will help you with anything!! The other staff is very friendly, and always has a smile on their face! If I had to do it all again here, I wouldn't think twice! They prepared me very well for college and I am ready to begin the next face of my academic career because of them!
Great Education. Some teachers are rude, and the populace very conservative, but a great school none the less
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I think the teachers are great, the administration is responsible, the food is decent, and I feel very safe. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved & learn, and there is a variety of clubs and activities.
As a junior, I moved into the Lancaster area. Starting a new school our junior year is extremely difficult but the way everyone was so welcoming really made this school so amazing.
I've had a wonderful experience at LS. The curriculum is challenging and rewarding. The teachers, students and administrators are wonderful to work with. LS provides great opportunities for both the parents and the students.
My years at LS were great! The curriculum ,teacher and staff are wonderful to work with. The school has great extra curricular activities and a great sports program. The school provides great opportunities both the parents and the students.
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Lampeter-Strasburg is an amazing school to be apart of. While the diversity is not the greatest, the academics are great. A plethora of AP/Acc. and other types of course are offered. I'm glad to be apart of such a great school district.
I liked that the teachers are willing to help the students that struggle and praise the students that succeed. I also liked the coaching staff of the teams I participated on and how they helped me grow in my athletic abilities. I didn't like that the district
L-S is a great district and provides great opportunities. They have so many sports and activities, as well as great academics and teachers for students. It's not the most diverse place, but is a wonderful school district.
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