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Lampasas Independent School District Reviews

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Plenty if diversity, and you will certainly find friends that will last you your entire high school experience.
Lampasas High School has the potential to be a five star school, we’ve got amazing school pride and support our communities and groups within the school. However some of the staff favor a “my way or the highway” attitude, making it difficult to learn or progress in certain UIL events. Some teachers also do not care seem to properly know about the technology they are trying to teach students. Not to mention, the councilors seem to do absolutely nothing to help students with college and scholarship applications. On a lighter note, under the new administration it seems the appreciation for events other than football have all been getting more recognition and this is a very good feat as it inspires kids to join new groups and activities as well as be themselves.
A nice, clean and fairly new facility. However, a very narrow minded, ultra conservative administration that only main support is to football, a dismal team that hasn't been playoff bound in years. All the while students in award winning drama, band and other poorly supported programs going sorely lacking in supplies, money and recognition. Not a place of many opportunities for forward thinking students. And many teachers come and go due to the abysmal pay rate and find more lucrative and better administrative support elsewhwere.
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My experience at Lampasas High School was very unique. The new High School building is great and unlike other nearby schools! The sports programs weren't all successful, but they were supported by the school as well as other extracurriculars. The teachers and adults there are very caring and helpful to students. I do wish I had had more course options such as foreign languages and other fine arts credits.
I am a graduate from LISD and am currently attending UT at Austin. I feel as though the rigor put forth by the school could be a lot more harder, I took all AP classes and was not prepared of college except for my government and english classes. I also feel like more funding need to be put forth towards teacher and students supplies, especially AP, than athletics. There are a lot of super nice teachers that care and want the best and are willing to work with you if you are struggling.
My experience with Lampasas High School was a memorable one. Whether it be from the close knit society of knowing everyone you see in the halls by first, last, and middle name to having days off of school for Future Farmers of America program, so that everyone can show off their prize winning livestock. Unfortunately, as with any tightly knit society, rumors were easily spread whether they be true or not.
I loved attending school in Lampasas, it's definitely a small town feel; everybody knows everybody. There were times I felt a little closed out because I didn't grow up here, but the large amounts of club activities available really helped me fit in. The classes were good, it's definitely a hands-off learning approach though. But I also took all AP and Pre-AP classes so I couldn't speak for all of the different levels of education. The best part about going to Lampasas' Highschool was the team spirit, even at away games we filled the stands more than the other team.
I like Lampasas, because it provides a safe leaning environment and it also provides opportunities to better improve your knowledge.
Lampasas ISD is great when it comes to how their teachers do their jobs, but the amount of cliques and daily drama is a large deterrent.
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