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Lamar has a good staff of teachers who really care about your education and want to see you succeed and will often help you in any way they can.
Lamar is an amazing school to send your children to. The teachers care about the kids they are teaching and try there best to help each kid learn and feel at home in the learning environment. Lamar is like a large family and they treat everyone like they are part of it. I would recommend anyone and everyone to send there kids to this school.
We are like a family. Most of the Teachers are there to listen if you need them.
Our school is small but the whole community comes to rally behind us kids.
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I have gone to Lamar since I was a little Kindergartener running around. There is no doubt in my mind that Lamar deserves this five star rating. I'll give insight on what it is like to attend Lamar. Being in student council, I've got to experience a lot of the ways that Lamar School District thrives to better itself. Every year changes are made whether it is to better the school lunches, or to ensure the safety of students. I am graduating this year and I can only see Lamar prospering in the future years to come. This year Lamar made a new program for the students and faculty to be a part of. Every one was assigned to a "family". In that family there are students from various grades matched with one teacher. The program was made to symbolize how much Lamar strives to be a family. We meet once or twice each month for various reasons like voting for homecoming, or a typical "rant session". It's a great way to get to make friends with students you might not have had the chance to before.
Well I moved here last year and it was the best decision I've ever made! Lamar is a small school but it is amazing! We are all like one big family who supports one another. There is literally nothing I would change because it is the best school ever!
It’s a small school and you can get very close with your teachers. You become a large family by the time you graduate.
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